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Click IT provides "Managed I.T. as a Service" at a Retail-Store Level.

Have you heard the saying, "It's not the box. It's what's in the box!"?

When it comes to Information Technology, it’s now about storing, synchronizing and protecting our data, while knowing how to use the software and services, than being concerned about the hardware. Hardware today has morphed into being a commodity.

As the technology business continues to go to the Cloud as a utility, the big-box and online stores are still mainly focused on just selling computer hardware. This leaves a huge void for a local, trustworthy I.T. services organization to fill since most don't have the technical knowledge, infrastructure nor capacity for managing information technology services.

This service gap is not being filled properly by the small retail mom-and-pop I.T. repair shops either, because they don't have the knowledge, ability nor the understanding of how to capitalize on this rapid transition while maintaining their cash flow. Most of their sales are derived from computer repair work. In our research, we found that most of these shops are barely subsisting and many are simply closing their doors.

Coming Soon - Nationwide Network of Click IT Stores

Click IT fulfills this need by providing managed I.T. as a service. Through offering consumers and businesses a selection of easily understood and selectable I.T. services, Click IT fulfills the need to find a trustworthy, knowledgeable and local bricks-and-mortar close-by and convenient, like a retailer but uniquely different.

Offering Managed I.T. as a Service to local homes and businesses

Offering Managed I.T. as a Service to local homes and businesses.

Just like our model store on Main Street in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, our future stores will be where to get not only the right selection of hardware but mainly all your I.T. services easy. We offer managed I.T. as a service where we transfer, set-up, managed and secure such services as emailI.P. phonescomputer system monitoring and maintenance, and much more.

Our plan and purpose for raising capital is so that a separate and focused entity, Motherboard Inc., can sell Click IT systems, knowledge, and intellectual property to franchise owners nationwide. Our vision is in seeing the Click IT brand as a recognized and preferred place in hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. and Canada, where managed I.T. products, services and solutions are purchased easily and conveniently. The growing complications of this new modern world will be made much easier to understand, use and benefit from when purchasing managed I.T. services from a local Click IT store.

See https://clickitfranchise.com. Also see https://clickitsecure.com, to learn about a complete Click IT Secure solution for your home or business, and https://clickitemail.com to learn about our secure email solutions when assured deliverability is critical.


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