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How to Choose a 50/50 Fridge Freezer

A 50/50 refrigerator freezer is divided into two compartments of equal size for storage of frozen and chilled food items. These freestanding appliances are available in a range of sizes that will suit the needs of any family, and are available in a variety of colours to match it with your kitchen.

You can also choose a tall integrated unit that fits into a housing and has doors with modern design. These are usually hinged to the left or right based on the layout of your kitchen.


One of the most important factors when buying a fridge freezer is its capacity. This is measured in litres, and is a useful way to compare models. We convert it into bags of food at AO to make comparing fridge-freezers even easier. Calculate the needs of your family to determine the appropriate capacity.

A refrigerator freezer that is 50:50 is perfect for households who prefer to store fresh food. Featuring plenty of shelf space, these appliances come with adjustable shelves, door racks and a drawer for salads to keep all your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. The refrigerator section also features a chrome wire wine rack which makes it easy to store all your favorite bottles.

If you are a big fan of frozen food then a american fridge freezer (magachem.com site) freezer with a 60/40 is the perfect fit for your requirements. These freezers are ideal for busy households that often buy bulk supplies of frozen foods and prefer to keep their fridge free for milk, yoghurt and freshly cut fruit. These models offer more freezer space compared to their 50:50 counterparts. They also have large spacious drawers that are easy to access, and a clear fronted design.

It is important to measure the space in your kitchen before purchasing an integrated refrigerator freezer. You’ll need to make sure that it fits comfortably within your cabinet doors, and isn’t interfering in any way with other appliances. You may also need to leave some space around your appliance for ventilation.

Candy’s Integrated Fridge Freezer is a stylish, practical option for your home. This compact appliance offers the capacity of 87 litres inside the fridge compartment. It comes with four shelves and two racks for doors, and a salad crisper to store all your favorite groceries. It’s also energy efficient with a low-watt LED light and EcoAirflow technology to regulate temperature and humidity levels. For added convenience, there’s a Party Mode setting that activates the Super Cool function to chill drinks and make extra ice cubes.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerator freezers use a lot of energy, so it is important to select models with high ratings for energy efficiency. Choosing an appliance with a higher energy rating will lower your electric bill and help reduce carbon emissions. The fridges may cost more initially but they’ll pay for themselves over time through the savings in energy.

The energy efficiency of the fridge-freezer depends on its energy consumption as well as the amount of heat it produces. Look for an energy label with an overall rating from A to G. Next, examine the icons to determine how the chilled and frozen compartments are rated.

The most energy-efficient refrigerators are those with an A+ rating. They consume less than 150 kWh annually which is considerably lower than the UK average 185 kWh. A+++ models use less gas than other fridges and freezers and are therefore safer for the environment.

You can also make use of the EU’s EPREL database to find out the efficiency of a device. To do this, move your phone over the QR code on the energy label. You will then be taken to the product’s page of the database, which provides you with specific information regarding the fridge freezer’s consumption of energy and emissions.

Also, take into consideration whether the model is frost free and how easy it will be to clean. Fridge-freezers with a frost-free setting don’t need defrosting, which can save you the hassle and mess of removing and cleaning the ice. You should also choose one that has a deep-freeze function. This will help to keep frozen food fresher longer.

Refrigerators equipped with smart technology features can monitor how much food is in your integral fridge freezers and inform you when you’re low. Some even come with cameras inside so you can check what’s in your fridge without opening it. These are great for keeping the track of leftovers and shopping. You can also find appliances that feature unique features, like LG’s NatureFresh technology that keeps cool air flowing to prevent food from rotting.


When selecting a model, the design is crucial as it can impact how easily you can store and access food. Certain models have features that help keep food fresher longer and reduce the amount of food wasted, such as humidity control or LED lights. You can also find a salad drawer or CrispZone that can be adjusted to accommodate different kinds of food items. This is especially useful if you’re planning to use your integrated fridge-freezer in an outbuilding or garage where the temperature can be lower than in a kitchen.

Models also differ in the layout of the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Some integral fridge freezers-freezers allow you to choose from 50/50 splits, whereas others have a 70/30 split where the freezer is larger than the fridge. Some fridge-freezers have reversible door which allows you to put them in any location your kitchen will allow. This is especially useful when your kitchen space isn’t as big.

This frost-free Beko fridge freezer has an enormous capacity of 185 litres, which is enough for around 14 bags of food items. It also has reversible shelves that can be moved up or down based on the size of containers. It comes with an area for salads that holds humidity to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. You can adjust the door tray so it can fit taller containers and bottles.

Another great aspect of this fridge freezer is that it features a NoFrost technology, which means you don’t have to manually defrost it saving you time and energy. It also comes with the Super Cool function which quickly chills newly added foods and beverages. It’s a smart refrigerator freezer available in different finishes to match the decor of your kitchen. It has a variety of storage compartments, including a VitaFresh drawer for fruit and vegetables as well as an easy-access shelf, a BigBox in freezer and an EasyAccess shelf.


When you are choosing a fridge freezer, capacity for storage is an important consideration. It is essential to ensure that the freezer in your fridge is large enough to hold your food and drinks. The space inside can differ significantly between models therefore it’s best to examine the specifications closely. You might find that some have more shelves, drawers or doors than others. Look at the flexibility of the storage as they can be rearranged to accommodate different sizes of containers and bottles.

Despite its compact footprint, this Hisense model has an impressive 236L gross capacity. This is spread across four glass shelves with three door racks as well as a more compact drawer inside the refrigerator compartment. The shelves can be adjusted which allows you to accommodate tall objects like milk bottles with ease. This refrigerator freezer is equipped with Total No-Frost technology, a useful feature that eliminates the necessity of an ice scraper, and helps to cut down on energy and time. There’s even a slide-out shelf at the top of the freezer, perfect to store ice cube tray storage.

If you host numerous parties, you can also enable Party Mode to quickly chill drinks and create extra ice. The fridge comes with a salad drawer that keeps moisture to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. For families with jet-setting, there’s Holiday Mode which keeps energy costs at a minimum and odours lower levels when you’re away.

This is a sleek refrigerator-freezer that will look great in any kitchen. You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes to complement your decor. Chrome and stainless steel models are contemporary, while classic white refrigerator-freezers offer the most affordable option. A majority of these models come with a one or two-year manufacturer’s guarantee, providing assurance that nothing goes wrong. There’s also a variety of features, such as sensors for air quality and LED lighting you can pick from. However, some of these features increase the price of the unit which is why it’s worth weighing your budget and personal preferences prior to deciding to make a purchase.

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