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Table Fridges Are Essential For Any Foodservice Business

A refrigerator prep table is a must piece of equipment for any business that provides food service. There’s a broad selection of sizes and styles to meet your requirements.

A table top fridge sale-mounted refrigerator that is freestanding such as this white Russell Hobbs model is versatile and is easy to move. This fridge is also energy efficient, and features LED lighting.


When shopping for a new refrigerator, it’s important to think about the dimensions of the refrigerator. You must ensure that the refrigerator you purchase is compatible with the space you have available. You can determine the width and height of your refrigerator area to determine how much room you have, however it is essential to take into account the dimensions and height of the cabinetry or the molding in your kitchen as well.

A counter-depth fridge could be the best choice for you if your kitchen isn’t big enough. These models come with shorter doors and are able to be placed flush with your cabinets. They are easy to modify, and come with adjustable shelves and glass doors. These fridges are often the best choice for singles and couples who require a compact refrigerator.

Those who are looking for a bigger fridge should consider a side-by-side model. These refrigerators are divided into two parts: one for frozen food and another for fresh foods. These refrigerators are perfect for families as they can accommodate several items, including large pizza boxes and platters. These models are easy to clean and provide plenty of storage space for milk jugs.

This Russell Hobbs tabletop fridge is perfect for those who are looking for a chic portable, lightweight fridge that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s an ideal choice for college dorms, dorms, apartments, or caravans and is also a great choice for an emergency fridge in the event that your primary fridge stops working. It has all the normal functions of a standard fridge, and can hold up to 47 litres.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient refrigerators use a lot less energy than older models, making them a great choice for reducing your household bills. Refrigerators are in constant use, which means their power consumption is a major component of the cost for a household. Find fridges with an Energy Star rating to find the most efficient model. The Energy Star rating gives you an estimation of the amount of power the appliance consumes per year, and how many kilowatts-hours it consumes during a day. Compare this number to other fridges in the same price range to determine the most affordable price.

Some manufacturers also have smart fridges that connects to your Wi-Fi and allows you to access and interact with information like expiry dates of food and shopping lists. These fridges can also be controlled remotely, preventing you from having to go in and check your fridge if you’re busy cooking or entertaining.

A tabletop wine refrigerator is a great solution for wine storage if you do not have room for a full-sized wine cooler or your kitchen layout cannot accommodate one. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including some that are small enough to fit on your counter without taking up much space. If you opt for a free-standing wine fridge ensure that it comes with an inert plastic backing that is non-flammable to prevent fires.


Many fridges are equipped with special drawers which can make a huge difference in how well food stays fresh. Crisper drawers are a great method to preserve the freshness of your fruits, vegetables, and other food. They work by storing food in different levels of humidity which helps preserve the integrity of your vegetables and fruits.

For instance, you can store pears and apples in the low-humidity container, whereas citrus fruits can be stored in the high-humidity bin. This is because citrus fruits release an ethylene gas, which can speed up the ripening process in other fruit and cause damage to other fruits that are sensitive to it. By separating the fruits from other fruits, you can keep your citrus fruits fresher for longer.

Drawers can also be used to store drinks, deli meats pantry items, and much more. Some refrigerators have shelves that are full width which can be used to store frozen foods. Others have a half-width deli drawer that’s ideal for storing cut meats and cheeses.

Some models have whiteboards, which allow you to make notes and create reminders on the touchscreen. This is especially beneficial for families with a busy schedule and can help everyone stay on the same page. You can also stream music or browse the internet using your smart fridge.

Temperature control

black table top fridge fridges are usually automatically controlled and utilize a small fan for circulation of cold air through the refrigerator compartment. The control panel also includes an indicator for defrost to let you know when it’s time to defrost.

When choosing a refrigerator for your restaurant, think about its capacity and energy efficiency. Also, make sure to check the seal on the door and ensure that it’s tight enough to stop the cold air from venting out. Close the doors to stop perishables from rotting rapidly.

It is essential to ensure that the refrigerator isn’t overloaded since it could impede the flow of cold air, which could result in uneven temperatures. Also, avoid storing things on the shelves that are in the door, because they are the warmest areas of the refrigerator. Use them to store non-perishable items, such as drinks or salad dressings.

Another great feature of a table fridge is the capability to monitor internal temperatures from a remote location using an app on your phone. This is perfect for preventing food borne illness and keeping the date of expiry. The Coosno smart coffee table fridge is a great example of this. It is equipped with a refrigerator that can hold up to 68 cans. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as touchscreen controls to control the temperature, timer and the color of the LED.

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