10 Things That Everyone Is Misinformed About The Word “Built In Fridge Freezer 60/40.”

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Built in Fridge and Freezer

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen and want something that will work well with other cabinets, you should consider an integrated fridge and freezer. They come in a variety of heights (84 inches is the standard) and widths.

Some require you to cut them into the wall. This is a complicated project that requires demolition and construction.


Many brands have built-in refrigerators with front panels that can be personalized to match other kitchen elements for a seamless look. While they are costly and can be a bit expensive, this option gives an extra-expensive style that will increase the overall value of your home.

These refrigerators are usually fitted with a grill on top which shows the location of the compressor. This detail makes them stand out from the traditional freestanding refrigerators which usually have an open space on the sides or top.

Aside from this visual feature, a built-in fridge is designed to be securing inside cabinets to create a flush appearance. This type of installation should be left to professionals.

Built-in refrigerators are generally larger than freestanding models. This allows them be placed close to counters and cabinets to provide more storage space.

While both types of refrigerators can be bought from big box stores, built in refrigerators require a higher degree of customization, custom orders and special installation services that large retailers simply do not have the capacity for. This type of specialty product is best purchased from local showrooms for kitchen and bath and independent appliance dealers.

Bottom mount freezers are the most well-known style of refrigerator aeg built in fridge freezer-in, but there are also French doors and side-by-side models. The size of these fridges will vary, too, with midi models at a more standard height, and taller models designed for those who have high ceilings.


A built-in refrigerator is the ideal choice if you want to have sleek design in your kitchen. They are not as noticeable as freestanding fridges since they can be integrated into cabinets and hidden behind them.

Sub-Zero and Thermador are two brands that provide models that can be integrated into kitchen cabinets. Both companies offer integrated fridge freezers in both classic and designer series that match your kitchen design with the brand’s high-end style.

With the exception of the tell-tale grill at the top, that is a trademark feature of the Sub Zero line the refrigerators don’t stand out like their traditional counterparts. Designer Series refrigerators are panel-ready so you can cover the front with your preferred cabinetry.

When family members or friends are visiting, they will not know that your refrigerator is a refrigerator. With the appropriate finish, you can make it appear more like part of your cabinetry. Choose a stainless-steel model to get an elegant look or choose an option that complements the kitchen’s other cabinets. Miele refrigerators are available in 17 colors, meaning you can pick a color that complements any design.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a built-in refrigerator is one of its major benefits. Its design allows for it to fit into your kitchen perfectly which saves space while improving the look of your home.

Many brands have features that aid in preserving food and reduce the use of energy. For instance, the GE Cafe range has a built-in freezer that has more storage space than side-by-side models, while using less energy. Other refrigerators, such as Bosch’s Evolution series, have the Smart Learner feature that adjusts the amount of energy used based on your lifestyle. This means you’ll only use the refrigerator when it’s required and will drastically reduce your energy usage by avoiding unnecessary trips to the appliance.

Many brands have also added foam-in-place insulation to eliminate air gaps and reduce heat transfer. The trend towards efficient refrigeration is also evident in the rise of energy STAR refrigerators and freezers, which are more eco-friendly than conventional refrigerators.

A refrigerator with a built-in freezer is a great option to make a kitchen remodel. It can boost the value of your home and create an even look for your entire kitchen. But, remember that you’ll need a ceiling high enough to accommodate a built-in fridge, since they typically sit at around seven feet tall.


Maintaining your refrigerator is important to keep food fresh and energy consumption down and save money on electricity bills. You should regularly check your fridge and freezer to remove any spoiled food or drinks, then clean the inside of the refrigerator and ensure that no containers or items are blocking the air vents connecting the freezer and refrigerator. This will prevent mold and contaminating. Check the expiration date of all food and beverages in your refrigerator on a regular basis and don’t store expired products.

Condenser coils located on the back or bottom of the refrigerator need to be cleaned every six months to keep them running at a high efficiency. They are susceptible to getting blocked by dirt hair, grime and other debris that hinders their ability to disperse heat and lead to lower efficiency and eventual breakdowns. You can clean the coils using a vacuum with a soft brush or remove the grille to clean them gently with warm water.

A fridge and freezer that is built-in can make your kitchen more modern and add value to your home. But, as with all appliances, they will require repair at some time. It is important to contact an expert for any repair work, whether your refrigerator is built into a cabinet, or freestanding. They are experts with these appliances and know the distinct design elements.

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