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A Guide to Buying a Hotpoint fridge freezer hisense Freezer

Fridge freezers can be an extremely tough kitchen appliance. Making sure they are well-stocked, clean and in good working order will help reduce energy consumption and help food last longer.

This Hotpoint fridge freezer offers 302 litres of space inside the cabinet of the fridge. The layout is spacious, with plenty of storage options including shelves that can be adjusted and door bins.


If you’re seeking a fridge freezer that doesn’t just keep your food fresh and cool but also looks stunning in your kitchen, there’s an Hotpoint model to suit you. The sleek models from Hotpoint are available in a variety of colors and finishes such as white, stainless steel or black. The models are well-designed, with ample space and easy controls. They’re designed to keep food at optimum freshness which is essential for seafood, meat or dairy products that need to be kept cool.

Hotpoint models that we examined have a unique feature called active oxygen. This releases ozone into the fridge, which kills bacteria up to 90% and reduces bad odours. It can also help keep food fresh and reduce food waste which is a major issue in the UK since 70 percent of food waste in households is caused by over-buying or food that’s past its best by the time it’s eaten.

The freezer and fridge sections are also lit by the LED light, which is bright and natural looking. The controls are easy to read and use and there’s a handy super cool button that cools down new groceries quickly.

This model has an automated defrost function that eliminates the necessity of manual defrosting. A door alarm can be useful if you leave the freezer or fridge doors open for too long, and there’s a built-in water dispenser with filtering water.

Another great feature is the reversible doors that can be opened from either side of the appliance based on the layout of your kitchen. A pull-out salad crisper drawer is great to store fresh vegetables, which will keep them fresh for longer. Of course, you’ll find plenty of storage options with shelves, baskets, and moveable racks.


Hotpoint fridge freezers feature an array of innovative technology designed to keep food fresher longer. There are many features, such as total no frost which ensures that air is always circulated within the appliance to stop the formation of ice and moisture and active oxygen to reduce the growth of bacteria by up to 99 percent.

The model comes with two storage compartments in the refrigerator section. The top drawer features a dial that can adjust the humidity, which means that fruits and vegetables can stay crisper longer. The lower drawer is used for fish and meat, and comes with a ribbed floor for stability. These drawers are designed to be larger than other models to make it easier to load them with food items. A freezer that is overcrowded will cause cold air to circulate less efficiently, thereby increasing the possibility of developing heat pockets and making the appliance more difficult to operate.

The refrigerator is constructed with sturdy French doors, which are easy to open and close but they do restrict the amount of door space available. The left door rack can hold a six-pinter milk container from a supermarket and the right holds four pints, but there’s no room for more than this in either of the other two sets of doors. The top shelf of each door is movable up or down 5.5cm. However, smaller people may have difficulty reaching it without a step.

The front of the refrigerator cabinet features an LCD control panel that clearly displays the temperature as well as the other essential functions. This makes it easy to determine if there’s an issue. There are also a few additional functions that help you out, such as the super freeze button which instantly lowers the temperature of the freezer to preserve fresh food items and an ice maker that can produce up to three kilograms of ice each day.

Hotpoint refrigerators come with a one year warranty that covers both parts and labor. If you experience any issues with your refrigerator or freezer the customer care staff is available to offer guidance and assistance. They can arrange for technicians to visit when needed.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerator freezers have evolved from simple ice containers to include a variety of features. Nowadays, energy efficiency is the primary goal. This is due to the fact that refrigerators consume lots of electricity to operate, so choosing an efficient model is crucial to saving money on energy costs. You can make your fridge more energy efficient by reducing its temperature (e.g. to 4 or 5 degrees warmer or colder) and taking out items that are going to expire soon.

You can also make small modifications, like buying a refrigerator that has an A+ rating. This means that the fridge has been independently tested to reduce energy consumption. This will save you money as well as make a tiny difference to the environment.

The energy rating of a fridge is based on the amount of energy it uses every day, as the total energy usage per year. This is because if you use the fridge for a prolonged time, then it will use more energy than it would in a short period of time. This is why it’s important to check the energy label when buying a new appliance.

Our selection of Hotpoint fridge freezers offer various styles to suit your kitchen, whether you prefer a freestanding or integrated. There’s also a variety of colors, from black to silver, and stainless steel. It is easy to match the appliance to the other kitchen appliances.

Some of our models feature thoughtful technology, such as Active Oxygen which helps to keep the growth of bacteria at bay and eliminate strong odours your food. Other features like freezers that are frost-free, meaning you’ll no longer have to do manual defrosting, are a great way to help keep your fridge freezer clean and clean.

Having a holiday mode could help in decreasing the energy consumption of your fridge. You can set it up to keep the temperature inside at 15degC (lower than usual) to avoid mould or strong smells while you’re away.


When it comes to storing your shopping you can count on a Hotpoint fridge freezer. The appliances of the brand are known for their space efficiency and capacity. There are many different models to choose from, ranging from small freestanding fridge freezers to American refrigerator freezers. You can select frost-free models or super freeze technology to keep your food fresh for longer.

The Hotpoint HBNF55181WUK refrigerator freezer is an impressive appliance that has an energy rating of A+ and two compartments that aid in the storage of all your favorite food items. The fridge has four glass shelves that can be used to store various types of food. It can also store up to 13 bags of food items. Three door balconies are available to hold taller items like milk bottles and sauce containers. You can store a milk carton in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and cool. The freezer can hold up to 245 litres of frozen food items.

Selecting the best fridge freezer for your home is about evaluating your own family’s needs, and determining the best storage solution. You can choose a taller model to accommodate all your groceries or a smaller, freestanding refrigerator freezer to make space. You can also select a range of colours that will complement your kitchen. They include classic silver, black, and white.

We offer a large selection of Freestanding Fridge Freezers, including Hotpoint Fridge Freezers. Our appliances have been rigorously tested by independent labs to ensure they meet all of your requirements. Our price match guarantee is offered on all of our Fridge Freezers, so you are sure to get a great bargain.

We understand that buying refrigerator freezers is a significant investment, which is why we’re here to help you with your search for the perfect one. Our experts can help you to determine your budget and specifications, then help you find the most suitable fridge freezers that fit your requirements. Once you have found the ideal fridge freezer, we’ll deliver it to your home in no time.

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