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A tabletop refrigerator is a great way to keep your food and drinks cool in the home bar or basement, or in the office. These compact appliances are great to store snacks and bottles of water on a countertop. They’re smaller than regular refrigerators, and look beautiful.

This model from Magic Chef was on sale at a discount of more than 20% when this article was written. It comes with a reversible front door, adjustable shelves, and temperature control. It doesn’t come with an freezer compartment, however it does have a freezer compartment, which could make it unsuitable for certain.

Magic Chef 1.7-Cubic-Foot mini table top fridge Fridge

This is the ideal model if you need to squeeze a tabletop refrigerator into a tight space. It is compact enough to fit under cabinets, desks, or counters. It’s got plenty of space for drinks, snacks, and other items. The door can be open to the left or right. There’s also a small freezer which can be used to temporarily store frozen items. There’s also a wire shelf that can be used for cans and fruit.

This mini-fridge with a branded label might not be the ideal choice for everyone, but it is easy to clean and built to last. The door is secure to close and it’s Energy Star rated so it won’t drain your energy bill. The main compartment is equipped with two glass shelves which can be adjusted to five different positions to accommodate different sizes of containers. There’s also an extra crisper drawer that’s transparent for fruits and vegetables.

With a sleek design and a black finish that hides fingerprints, this small refrigerator works well in dorm rooms and home offices. It has a dispenser for cans and shelves, including one that can accommodate tall soda bottles. There’s also a tiny freezer for making ice cubes or for storing a frozen meal. Its temperature can be set precisely and a sensor can notify you when the fridge is open. It’s one of the most expensive models we’ve reviewed. our review but it comes with certain extra features that other mini fridges do not.

Frigidaire 3.2-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge & Freezer

This 3.2-cubic foot mini fridge is built to the same high standards as other Frigidaire appliances. It’s got a huge interior that can hold more than a dozen soda cans and a full-width freezer compartment for frozen snacks and other treats. This is an excellent choice for kitchenettes that are small in size, such as offices and student halls.

The compact refrigerator comes with shelves that are adjustable to accommodate tall bottles. It also has a can dispenser and crisper. It also comes with a reversible front door, which makes it simple to install it flush against a wall or counter. It’s an Energy Star fridge, which can help reduce electricity costs and is good for the environment.

Contrary to other models on our list, this one features a freezer compartment that is integrated. It’s ideal for storing frozen pizzas, food items and more. It has a reversible door that lets you open it on either side. This fridge is a bit louder than other fridges we’ve tested, but it’s nevertheless quiet enough to be used in a bedroom or another quiet spaces. It also has an interior light and a slim profile. This mini fridge is affordable and features a decent temperature retention, and an extremely secure door closure. The stainless steel surfaces are fingerprint-proof and easy to clean. This model isn’t as large than other models however, which means it might not be able to fit under your desk in your office or apartment.

LG 3.1-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge & Freezer

This counter-top mini refrigerator and freezer has the features of bigger models but is made to fit in a smaller space. This compact design has plenty of storage, and is EnergyStar certified for environmentally sustainable operation. This model has a glass front door that is easy to clean and greater visibility, as well as adjustable shelves to store larger items.

This fridge has two sections: a freezer of 9.25 cubic feet and a refrigerator of 14.7 cubic feet. The fridge section has three glass shelves with adjustable height and a shelf with a full width that’s deep enough to fit a tray of appetizers. The fridge also comes with a pair of crisper drawers as well as an enormous gallon-sized bin that is located on the door. There’s no ice maker that’s factory-installed in this model, but there’s a freezer shelf that can be used to store frozen food items.

The smaller freezer part of this fridge has the capacity of 3.43-cubic-foot capacity, providing enough room to store a small supply of frozen treats or leftovers. This fridge is perfect for offices and dorms since it has an ice machine mounted on the door. This mini refrigerator also has an insulated interior, which helps reduce operating costs. EdgeStar offers this model with a a one-year warranty on parts and a 90 day labor guarantee.

GE 1.6-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge

The GE 1.6 cubic foot mini fridge is an excellent option if your home doesn’t have a freezer and want a mini refrigerator that is affordable. The freestanding model can be set on your kitchen table top fridge black or counter. It is easy to clean. There’s room in the doorway for a 2-liter bottle and plenty of room to store snacks or condiments. In addition, there are adjustable shelves that can really increase the refrigerator’s 0.35-cubic-foot capacity.

The reversible hinges are another advantage, allowing you install the fridge with the door opening either left or right. This makes it easier to reach when it’s located in an area that is small like the dorm room.

This GE refrigerator has a small freezer and shelves for storage. It is Energy Star certified, and it comes with a manual defrost. It’s a great fit for a dorm or office breakroom, she-shed, man cave or bedroom bar setup and can be tucked under the counter. It has a large temperature range with LED controls, Sabbath Mode, and an internal lamp.

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