20 Small Tabletop Fridge Websites That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Small Table Top Fridges

A small table-top fridge is a handy addition to your home. This is a great method to keep food and drinks in storage when your main fridge is overflowing.

Marisa Viglione, senior commerce editor at The Spruce, is responsible for organizing, cleaning and the use of appliances. She searched the market to find the perfect mini fridge to fit in your space.

1. Cooluli Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Mini Fridge isn’t exactly the largest organized fridge on our list, but it excels of what it’s designed to do. This thermoelectric fridge houses up to 4 liters of food or drink and can be powered either through a wall outlet your car’s cigarette charger, or even your USB. This thermoelectric fridge is great for dorms or for storing cosmetics in the office. It can even be converted into a heater by switching the switch.

The adorable refrigerator comes in three gorgeous colors to match any home or office. It’s small and quiet enough to fit on a table top fridge sale or a vanity. It’s also easy to clean and the sleek style is perfect for your wall or painting.

It’s popular with those who live in tiny dorms or apartments as well as in garages, hotel rooms and breakrooms in offices and on road trips. The tiny fridge can accommodate up to 6 standard beverage cans, but if you’re looking to store more, Cooluli comes with a model that has more capacity. The Cooluli Mini Fridge will keep your beverages, snacks as well as medications cool and fresh. It can also be used to store breast milk or insulin, skin care, and other items. It’s an excellent choice for people who are concerned about the environment.

2. AstroAI mini table top fridge Fridge

This compact portable fridge from AstroAI has a very low power consumption. It is powered by a semiconductor chip that is free of Freon emissions, making it eco-friendly and energy efficient. It also has independent certifications such as FCC, CE, ETL, and RoHS, so you can be certain that it meets the standards of the industry. The refrigerator is quiet, has a motor that is low-noise and recyclable materials. It can also be powered by AC and DC adapters to be used at home or in a vehicle.

This compact fridge can be tucked into tight spaces. It can store 6 cans, or similar-sized items. It comes with a dual-temperature function that can be used to cool or warming items. The shelves that can be removed make it easy to store items such as breast milk beverages, snacks, and skincare cosmetics. The fridge can make students feel at home in their dorms, or can be placed on desks to keep drinks and food near by.

The fridge comes with a three-year limited warranty from the manufacture which is a longer warranty period for a fridge this size. The fridge comes with a fantastic customer service team that can assist anyone with any questions or concerns regarding the fridge.

3. NewAir 126-Can Mini Bar Beer Fridge

This NewAir refrigerator will keep your drinks at the ideal temperature, whether you’re prepping for an event or throwing a party. It’s large enough to hold 21 six packs and maintains the interior temperature at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally the powerful compressor is able to cool drinks down to 64degrees Fahrenheit.

The refrigerator also has adjustable shelves that can be moved up to two inches to fit larger bottles. The stainless steel back gives it a chic design that is perfect for any style. This fridge is quite quiet and operates at 35 decibels. It can be stored under the sink if you want to make space.

This elegant black onyx design is a great addition to any bar in your home or dorm, or office. The LED lights on the door give off a soft, blue glow that enhances your drinks. The glass front door allows you to view what’s inside before making a choice. The thermostat is set-and-forget and comes with seven different settings, which means you can set the temperature to suit your preferences. Additionally, the refrigerator is energy efficient, so it won’t spike your electricity costs.

4. GE 3.1-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator/Freezer

This GE refrigerator feels and looks as if it’s a full-sized refrigerator. It is available in a variety of colors and comes with adjustable shelves, a door-mounted can rack and a variety of storage options for everything from eye patches to skincare products. It’s not going to be able to store large quantities of lasagnas or ice cream cakes in this mini fridge however, it’s a great option for many situations and spaces. The freezer compartment has an open top design and can store frozen items but it’s not equipped with humidity controls, so don’t plan on keeping fresh veggies in the freezer for longer than a week.

The interior of the GE refrigerator is lined with glass shelves to create a modern design. It is also easy to clean. There are many places to store food and drinks using the door racks, can dispensers, as well as clear crisper drawers. Energy Star-rated, it’s available in white, black finish, or a finish that resembles stainless steel, but doesn’t display fingerprints. The handles on the door are recessed, which gives the appliance a modern, clean look.

This refrigerator is perfect for basement bars, garages, dorm, or work space. It has an inside light to display bottles and cans with LED controls, a Sabbath mode, and a large temperature range within the internal. It doesn’t have a separate freezer compartment or ice maker, which means it’s not the best choice for storing a variety of frozen foods.

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