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Table Top Fridges For Sale

A tabletop fridge will keep your food and drinks cool in the home bar, basement, or office. These compact appliances look stunning on the counter and are smaller than regular fridges and are therefore more mobile to store small bottles of water or snacks.

This model made by Magic Chef was on sale at a price of more than 20% at the time this article was published. It has an open front door that can be reversible as well as adjustable shelves and temperature control. It does not have a separate freezer compartment, which may limit the use of this model for certain.

Magic Chef 1.7-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge

This is the best model to fit a tabletop refrigerator in a small space. It’s compact enough to fit under cabinets, desks, or counters. It’s got plenty of space for drinks, snacks and other things. The door can be open to either the left or right. There’s also an ice maker that can be used to store frozen items. There’s also a wire shelf for storing cans and fruit.

The striking design of this mini fridge may not be appealing to everyone, but it’s easy to clean and has a sturdy build. Its door is secure and Energy Star rated, so it won’t eat up your electricity bill. The main compartment is fitted with two shelves made of glass that can be adjusted to five different positions in order to accommodate different sizes of containers. There’s also the crisper drawer, which is transparent for fruits and veggies.

With a sleek style and black finish that hides fingerprints, this compact refrigerator is perfect in dorm rooms and home offices. It comes with a drink dispenser, shelving and a shelf that fits tall soda bottles. A small freezer is also available for storing frozen meals or making ice. The temperature can be adjusted precisely, and a sensor alerts you when the fridge is opened. This is the most expensive model in our review, but it does have some additional features that other mini fridges don’t have.

Frigidaire 3.2-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge & Freezer

This 3.2-cubic foot mini fridge is built to the same standards as other Frigidaire appliances. It has a roomy interior that can hold more than a dozen soda bottles and comes with an expansive freezer compartment that can hold frozen snacks and other treats. It’s a great option for student halls as well as small kitchenettes in offices.

This compact refrigerator has shelves that are adjustable to accommodate tall bottles. It also has an ice maker, and the crisper. It also has a reversible doors, which makes it easy to set it flush against a wall or a counter. It is an Energy Star refrigerator, which keeps electricity costs low and is good for the environment.

In contrast to other models on our list, this one includes a freezer compartment. It’s perfect for storing frozen pizzas, entrees as well as other items. It is equipped with a door that can be reversible, which lets you open it from either side. This fridge is a bit louder than other fridges we’ve tested, but it’s nevertheless quiet enough to be used in a bedroom or another quiet areas. It also has a slim profile and an interior light. This mini fridge is affordable and offers a high degree of temperature retention, and the door has a secure closure. It’s also easy to clean, with stainless steel surfaces that do not show fingerprints. The model isn’t as deep as other models however, it might not fit under a desk in your office or in your apartment.

LG 3.1-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge & Freezer

This counter-top mini fridge and freezer comes with all the features of larger models, but is designed to fit into a smaller space. It’s a compact design that still provides plenty of storage and is EnergyStar certified for eco-friendly operation. This model also includes the option of a glass front door for better visibility and easier cleaning, as well as adjustable shelves that allow you to store items with higher heights.

The interior of this fridge is divided into a 9.25-cubic-foot freezer and the 14.7-cubic-foot refrigerator. The fridge section features three glass shelves that can be rearranged and a deep, full-width shelf that can hold an appetizer tray. A pair of crisper drawers and an oversized door bin that’s gallon-sized round out the fridge’s storage. This model doesn’t come with an ice maker but it does have an ice shelf to store frozen food items.

The fridge’s smaller freezer comes with capacity of 3.43 cubic feet, which is adequate to store leftovers or a small amount of frozen desserts. A door-mounted ice cube dispenser sits on top of the ice tray which makes this fridge a convenient choice for dorm rooms and workplaces. The mini fridge is also equipped with an insulated interior that lowers operating costs. EdgeStar offers a 90-day warranty on labor and a 1-year warranty for parts.

GE 1.6-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge

The GE 1.6 cubic foot mini fridge is an excellent option if you don’t want a freezer and want a mini refrigerator that’s affordable. It’s possible to set this model freestanding on your countertop or table top fridge black and it’s simple to clean. There’s space in the doorway for a 2-liter bottle and plenty of room to store snacks or condiments. There are adjustable shelves to increase the 0.35 cubic feet capacity of the refrigerator.

Reversible hinges let you install your fridge using either the door opening left or right. This allows you to access it easily when it’s located in smaller spaces such as the dorm room.

You’ll find a small freezer compartment as well as storage shelves in this GE refrigerator that is Energy Star certified and has a manual defrost. This unit is perfect for dorms breakroom in the office bedrooms bars, man caves and she-sheds. It can be placed under the counter. The unit comes with a wide temperature range and LED controls, Sabbath Mode and an internal lamp.

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