5 Laws That Can Help The Freestanding Freezer Industry

How to Choose a Freestanding mini freezer uk

Freestanding freezers are ideal for storing food specials and homemade sauces. If you are replacing an integrated refrigerator freezer, make sure it is a good fit in your space. This could mean adding an additional bridging cabinet if your freestanding unit is shorter than the cabinet that houses it.


Freezers are set-and- forget appliances, but they have certain features that make them more user-friendly. They also assist you to keep frozen foods in good condition. Look for a power-on indicator light, a temperature alarm and wheels that can be adjusted to level the freezer on uneven floors.

The variety of storage options is a crucial factor, particularly in the case of small items such as packaged meals and fruits. Most upright freezers come with shelves, drawers or racks to store smaller food items. This allows you to keep a variety of things in one location, instead of accumulating them and not being able to see what’s inside.

Chest freezers are larger than upright freezers table top. They are ideal for large families or hunters, or for anyone who requires a freezer to store food in large quantities or for storage in the long term. They also maintain their temperatures at a low level and use the least amount of energy. Some models are made to withstand extreme cold, so they’re great for garages or other areas of the home that might experience wide temperature fluctuations.

Think about an ENERGY STAR The Most Efficient Freezer if you are looking to lower your energy bills even further. This freezer is 10 percent more energy efficient than standard models and can reduce your electricity consumption by as much as 441kWh per year.

A ENERGY STAR refrigerator is not just energy efficient, it also meets the strictest environmental standards. It is covered by a five-year limited warranty. It’s also a good choice for an RV, as it can be used in cold weather and plugged into a generator.

If you’re planning to install the freezer in a kitchen that already exists, you should find out if it’s built-in or if it is freestanding. Integrated fridge freezers are more expensive than freestanding ones due to the fact that they require taller panels and a bridging cabinet installation. Some models can be installed tightly to the cabinets either side to make them appear like they’re as if they are built-in. This will also aid in blending into your style.


A freestanding freezer is an ideal option for those who have constructed their kitchen but want to increase the storage space. It can also be put in for a basement recreation room or garage, or in a commercial kitchen. If you select a stainless-steel model, the side walls of the appliance are coated in the same color as the door’s front, so it looks sleek and neat regardless of where it’s located.

The main difference between a fridge freezer integrated and a standalone one is that a standalone doesn’t require an enclosure cabinet, and can stand up on its own. This means it’s usually less expensive than a integrated version. If you need to create an enclosure (as as if replacing an integrated model) it’s likely that the cost will increase. It could be necessary to have a taller end panels as well as a bridging cabinet.

You can use an upright freezer to store smaller items you need to have easy access to. These freezers are typically equipped with drawers, shelves, racks, and door compartments which help to keep everything in order. This will allow you to easily find what you’re searching for without having to search through piles of food.

You can find models with LED lighting that is efficient in energy consumption to help you locate the things you require in the dark. If you’re looking to keep things in order but aren’t worried about bending over then you should consider the option of a chest freezer. These models offer more floor space, and are generally bigger than upright models. However, they might not be as accessible.

If you’re looking for an upright or chest French door freezer, the Siemens range of standalone fridge freezers can meet your preferences and fashion. They all feature a stylish exterior and the latest cooling technology like noFrost or hyperFresh so you can keep your food fresher for longer. With Home Connect, you can control Siemens freezers from any location with your tablet or smartphone. You’ll never have to worry about whether your drinks or food will get spoiled.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient freezers have less impact on the environment over the course of their lives than models that aren’t efficient. These freezers also use less energy than older models, thereby saving you money on your electric bill. You should look for ENERGY STAR-certified freezers that comply with the energy consumption guidelines that are set by the EPA. These freezers are typically more insulated and have better temperature controls. They are able to preserve food more efficiently.

Apart from selecting the freezer that consumes the most electricity You can also cut down on your energy consumption by making a few lifestyle changes. For example allow food to cool to ambient temperature or in the fridge prior to placing it in your freezer. Warm food is more difficult for the appliance to freeze it, which means it uses more power to do so. And keep the freezer’s condenser coils clean, because a build up of thick dust can reduce the efficiency of a freezer by up to 25 percent.

If you’re planning to invest in a freestanding freezer, check the label for its energy efficiency rating and compare it to other models on the market. The energy STAR rating will inform you how much a freezer uses in kilowatts per month on average.

Modern freezers are more energy efficient than models from only a decade ago, so you’ll likely get a reduction in your electric bill if you upgrade. The most efficient way to save money is to purchase an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator. These models use up to 40 percent less energy than standard models and can save you a lot of money over time.

You can find a vast range of energy-efficient freezers at traditional brick-and-mortar stores, like Walmart and Best Buy, online retailers such as Amazon and eBay and a few local utility companies might offer rebates or incentives for purchasing these appliances. You can locate an approved freezer by going to the EPA Energy Star website. Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol or search for the brand name. Read our guide on how to select the best freezer for your budget and needs to find the perfect model.

The Right to Rent

Many households find a freestanding freezer useful. It can help cut down on food costs by making it possible to stock up on great discounts at the grocery store or store any surplus harvests from your garden. You can also prepare ahead and keep fresh food in the fridge throughout the day thanks to the freezer. You should think about purchasing a warranty to protect your investment in a freezer and get rid of the stress that comes with the cost of repairs in the event that your appliance malfunctions. Upsie’s extended freezer warranty covers your freezer from damage and malfunctions without a charge for deductible.

Can I use a fridge-freezer that is freestanding as an integrated model?

You can’t install a freestanding refrigerator freezer in your kitchen cabinets the similar way as you would an integrated model. They don’t have finished doors like integrated models, and they aren’t designed to fit behind or directly in front of doors to kitchen cabinets (which could cause the handles to be out of alignment). You can add the bridging cabinet above the fridge freezer that is freestanding to create this look, provided that the cabinets underneath aren’t too close together however this could involve cutting into and taking out the plinth beneath that, which could leave cut (exposed) edges that could get damaged if wet.

Freestanding freezers can be put anywhere in the kitchen. You can even move them when you want to rearrange your home or relocate your appliances. The freedom to choose the location you want to put your freezer is an ideal choice for those who have to move frequently, since they can carry their appliance with them and not worry about finding an installer who can fit it in their new home.

Freestanding freezers are also an excellent option for those who prefer the sleeker, more modern lines of a stainless-steel fridge-freezer. These models sport an elegant, sleek look that many people find appealing. These fridge-freezers don’t look boxy or bulky, and will be a stylish complement to any kitchen design.

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