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Table Top Fridges Cheap

If you’re looking for a compact fridge to keep your melon, yogurt or lunch salad cool, this compact fridge fits the need. It’s also a great option for students who live in dorms.

Although it’s missing an ice maker and the shelving is a little limited the temperature performance of this refrigerator was exceptional in our tests. It’s also EnergyStar-certified and relatively quiet.

1. Magic Chef HMBR350SE Mini Refrigerator 1.7 Cubic Feet

This compact refrigerator is a retro-styled piece that can easily fit into a dorm room or be used as an accent piece in kitchens or games rooms. It’s Energy Star rated and should cost no more than $25 a year to run. It is also compact and takes up little space. It comes in either black or white. It comes with a large glass shelf as well as a smaller one, and a door with a dispenser for soda bottles, and freezer compartments for ice cubes or a stash of frozen meals.

While not a true counter-top refrigerator but this model from Cooluli is a great alternative in case you’re limited on space in your office or home. Its door opens both horizontally and vertically to allow you to quickly reach the items you need. The interior is lined with stainless steel to stop food from spoiling The unit also has numerous plug options. It can be powered by AC, USB (useful for keeping it close to your desk) or even a car battery.

A mini-fridge is an excellent option for a dorm room, it can also be used as a drinks cabinet or to free up space in your main refrigerator. This black Russell Hobbs model is a small, easy option that can be put on your kitchen counter. It can also be placed in other areas of the house. Its plain design will fit in with any decor and comes with a rack to hold bottles.

2. Frigidaire FFEC3500 3.1-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator-Freezer

This counter top refrigerator looks like it belongs in the 1950s. It features glass shelves, stainless steel handles, and LED lighting. It also has a premium compressor compatible with environmentally-friendly refrigerant, which helps reduce energy consumption and improve refrigeration efficiency.

This is a great option when you’re looking for a small table top fridge fridge to store drinks and snacks at work, in the home bar, or even a children’s playroom. This mini fridge table top-fridge has an adjustable thermostat with LED interior lighting as well as a sleek design.

It has a small compartment to freeze ice cream or frozen meals. The main fridge comes with an adjustable wire shelf, a rack for bottles and ice cans, all on the door. This model is EnergyStar accredited and should cost only $25 per year to run.

This Russell Hobbs tabletop refrigerator is black and simple, so it will fit on most kitchen countertops. It keeps food and drinks cold, freeing up space in your fridge to store more fresh foods. This model has a silent cooling system that operates at 35dB. This will not disturb those who require a peaceful workspace. It’s also an Energy Star model, so it will help to keep your energy costs low and is better for the environment. This small fridge could be useful in a student’s room or hall.

3. Kenmore 950-Series Refrigerator-Freezer

This black refrigerator is a good choice for those looking to clear space in the kitchen without spending a lot. It has a number of functional features like a can holder in the door and a gallon bin. It cools quickly. You can also keep frozen food items in the tiny freezer compartment. This refrigerator is a great option for families who prefer to store more fresh food rather than frozen.

The Kenmore 79432 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a tabletop refrigerator that can withstand temperatures of 40 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s big enough to hold plenty of food items, and has eye-level shelf space that takes away the necessity to bend down. The freezer compartment could be a little smaller than other models, but is still adequate for the majority of families. This refrigerator is available in a variety of finishes, and it ringes in at about $50 less than most of the other models on this list.

The only thing that can be said about this refrigerator is the fact it appears a bit older in comparison to top-tier freezers. You’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars more for one that looks better and has the same capacity. Also, it’s not as efficient as some of its competitors, including the stainless steel Frigidaire Gallery FGTR1845QF. This disadvantage is offset by the energy efficiency STAR rating.

4. Kenmore 950-Series Refrigerator-Freezer

This model is perfect to keep things such as yogurt, melon chunks and salads at room temperature but not frozen. The main compartment is equipped with a wire shelf and a door shelf that can hold drinks, and a small freezer to store ice cream or a bag of frozen Melon. It’s not the cheapest fridge in this space however, it’s less expensive than its competitors.

With 23.1 cu. ft. of interior space this Kenmore refrigerator is spacious and has plenty of space for leftovers and food items. The two drawers for freezers and adjustable shelving make it easy to store food. This model is perfect for all households. It comes with Crispers that are controlled by humidity and a dairy compartment.

This fridge isn’t the most energy efficient model in this particular category however. It is equipped with a high-end compressor that is eco-friendly refrigerant. This will help lower your electric bill. If you’re looking for the highest efficiency, consider getting a counter-depth model such as the LG LTCS24223S. It is almost identical to the 79432, but costs 10 percent less to run. It’s also more appealing than the 79432 in both aesthetics and functionality, though it doesn’t come with an ice maker. It does have an ADA compliant bottom drawer.

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