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Built in Fridge Freezers

Looking for a built-in fridge freezer is a daunting task regardless of whether you’re renovating or building. The good news is that manufacturers have created innovative technology that subtlely improves performance and streamlines everyday tasks like defrosting.

The traditional integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry. They can be fitted either with hinges that are fixed or one that slides. Both can only be installed in the refrigerator housing cabinet and cannot be fitted freestanding.


The fridge freezers that are integrated are designed to serve a purpose that is not visible in your kitchen. They are concealed behind the cabinet doors, so they don’t appear like a freestanding appliance. This means that they are perfect for stylised kitchens where an appliance could clash with the overall design.

Despite their low-profile appearance, integrated freezers offer all the same features as other fridge freezers, with energy-saving options and space-saving designs. They are available in a wide selection of sizes as well. Models range from 60cm to single-door models up to 90cm for double doors American-style cooling appliances.

You can also choose the size of the integrated freezer to suit your space. There are fixed and sliding models (with high-end hinges that connect the door of the cabinet to the appliance).

The depth of integrated fridges is standard, since they are designed to fit inside an interior cabinet that is 55-56cm in the depth. You can also choose whether you would like your refrigerator fully flush with your cabinets or to stand out proud. This will give your kitchen a smooth, elegant look.


Integrated refrigerator freezers are designed so that they blend seamlessly with the kitchen cabinets. This creates a stylish appearance that is perfect for high-end, modern or contemporary homes. These fridge freezers can be more expensive, yet they offer the most diverse selection of door handles and finishes.

In general, refrigerators that are built in fridge freezer 50 50 in are taller than freestanding models. They average about 84 inches. This could be a problem If you don’t have sufficient space in your home for one of these appliances, or prefer to stick with a standard fridge that’s less than 72 inches high.

Some manufacturers, like Bosch, offer different heights for various kitchen cabinet sizes. That way, you can get the benefits of an integrated fridge freezer, even if the ceilings are too low for a full-size model.

You can also buy counter-depth refrigerators that fit into the cabinet space and doesn’t stand out. That’s a good option if you’re renovating an older house or don’t have the budget to buy a built-in refrigerator.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers usually have more luxury options than freestanding models. They are a little smaller in depth to be able to sit flush with cabinets and countertops and offer more space inside than standard deep refrigerators. The wider sizes can be especially beneficial for large families or passionate cooks that want to keep a constant supply of food in stock.

There are two different types of installation for fridge freezers with integrated components fixed and sliding hinge models. These are related to the way the fridge freezer is incorporated to your kitchen cabinetry and how it is connected to your other doors to kitchen appliances. Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers are able to accommodate both styles of installation, but it’s always an excellent idea to double-check before buying an integrated fridge freezer.

NEFF integrated fridge freezers incorporate many useful and intelligent innovations to keep your fridge and freezer filled with fresh and frozen items. Our hyperFresh feature, which lets you choose the ideal combination of temperature and moisture to extend the life of your food. Our power-freeze feature that quickly reduces the temperature of your frozen food items and fridge freezers with innovative solutions. There’s even built in fridge freezer-in refrigerators that have beautiful metal interiors that reflect light to give a modern look to your kitchen. Integrated refrigerators are also available in a variety of heights so you can make sure that your new fridge is in the proper space.

Energy efficiency

Many people think about the efficiency of their energy when they choose the refrigerator freezer. Fridges run so frequently all day long and consume plenty of energy. This is the reason refrigerators and freezers are becoming more efficient today.

Manufacturers have raised insulation standards and have developed new compressor technologies, and added useful smart features. Smart solutions like Fresh Zone + keep fruit and vegetables more crisp in drawers that are controlled for humidity. Siemens noFrost automatically defrosts your freezer, reducing operating costs by up 10%.

The best way to figure out the amount of energy a fridge or freezer will use is to examine the kWh figures that are on the labels for energy. This will tell you how much energy is used by the appliance annually and smaller models use less energy than larger models.

To make sure that your refrigerator or freezer consume less energy, make sure it’s not exposed to direct sunlight and that the vents aren’t obstructed. It’s also a good idea to keep it a couple of degrees below the temperature of the room, as this will make it easier for the fridge or freezer to get rid of heat.

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