Buzzwords De-Buzzed: 10 More Ways Of Saying Tall Integrated Fridge Freezer

Large Integrated Fridge Freezer

The massive refrigerator freezers aren’t noticeable since they’re in a flush position with your cabinetry. The concealed fascias conceal a deceptively large amount of storage space that can be adapted to your taste by adding features like wine racks.

If you are replacing an integrated refrigerator freezer, ensure that it has the same split as the door to the cabinet it’s in – either 60:40 or 50:50. Otherwise you may need to make a few changes.


A fridge freezer with a built-in refrigerator is popular in open-plan kitchens, as they can be tucked away and give a neat appearance. Generally, however, they have less storage space than freestanding models due to the fact that they have to fit into the cabinet that houses the fridge that they’re installed into.

The capacity of refrigerators and freezers is typically measured in litres, so it’s easy to compare different storage options of models when narrowing your selection. If you’re worried about flexibility, examine whether the drawers or doors allow you to store your food and drinks in various ways.

A 50:50 ratio of freezer and fridge space is perfect for families who want to stock up on both fresh produce and frozen goods. There is plenty of space on shelves and door storage to store both. Certain models include features like temperature control and hyperFresh. This helps keep food at its optimum freshness and reduces food waste.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are designed to fit seamlessly into your fitted kitchen, without affecting the look you’ve spent so much time and money constructing. By combining a fridge and a freezer into one unit, they maximize the space in your kitchen and give it a stunning finishes.

If you’re looking for a large fridge-freezer integrated take a look at more than the capacity. Compare things like shelf and door storage. Think about whether you would prefer an adjustable or sliding hinge model. The choice of hinge type has a big impact on the way the doors fit to the cabinet housing and the way you open them.

To enhance your kitchen, opt for Siemens refrigerator freezer models that come with innovative Skin Condenser technology to prevent moisture forming between the appliance and the walls. The large fridge freezers include a range of clever features, including EasyAccess shelves, VitaFresh fruit and vegetable drawers and an external Ice&Water Dispenser which delivers water, ice cubes, or crushed ice with the touch of a button.

Choose Bosch large integrated refrigerator freezers with a split of 70/30 to maximise the space in your fridge. Or, 60/40 for a more balanced mix. The higher fridge ratio lets more space be used for fresh fruits, leftovers and cooked in batches.

Energy efficiency

A lot of integrated refrigerator freezers are fitted with the latest technology, which helps to simplify the daily routine and ensures that the appliance is reliable. Some of the most significant advancements have been made to cut down on the need for manual labor, such as defrosting, which is nowadays often taken care of entirely with frost-free models.

The most efficient large integrated fridge freezers will have an energy efficiency class of A++ or higher, so you can save money on electricity bills by replacing your old appliance. The energy consumption of the appliance is also displayed on the pages of the product and you can see the exact amount you’ll be saving by purchasing a brand new appliances.

You can find out more about the efficiency of an integrated fridge freezer by reading the manufacturer’s website or by dragging your phone over the appliance to view its EPREL energy label. This will reveal the annual consumption in kWh and how much it will cost to run the appliance for a year.

Generally, integrated fridge freezers are typically more expensive than freestanding models, but the extra cost can be worth it for those who want a seamless look in their kitchen. When planning your budget, keep in the fact that integrated models will require a tall cabinet for housing and bridging in the event of replacing it with an appliance that is freestanding, so you’ll need to consider these additional costs. Additionally the integrated model will be a standard 60cm in width, so it will fit into existing cupboards where a freestanding appliance would not.


A large integrated refrigerator freezer will keep your kitchen looking chic and sleek. They are hidden behind cabinet doors, meaning you can keep an uncluttered look while having enough cold storage space for fresh and frozen goods. Choose a model that has an adjustable door fitting that attaches directly to your cabinet door or a sliding option which slots into the rail installed along the inside of your cabinet door.

Integrated fridge freezers have an impressive amount of storage space and many innovative features that help you to organize, protect and store your food items. Siemens’ VarioZone allows you to customize the storage space in your fridge by adjusting shelves and other accessories like wine racks or salad containers. Other options to consider include frost-free technology, which minimises ice build up and cuts down on cleaning time.

The capacity of freezers and fridges is usually standard with integrated fridge freezer american fridge freezers as they are designed to fit inside a housing cabinet and can’t be used freestanding. There are a few differences in the space between freezer and fridge space. Certain models provide a 50/50 split, while others offer more freezer space than fridge space. Some of our refrigerator freezers integrated come with an upright freezer, which is ideal for larger families or those who like to cook in bulk and then freeze meals.

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