Click IT Stores

Coming soon.

Our goal, now that we have the model right (learned from our first store located on S. Main Street in Chagrin Falls), is to expand into a nationwide presence by acquiring similar stores throughout the United States. It’s not just about computer repair.  It’s about using technology every day and needing help and guidance in using and understanding it, from a company you can trust. It’s about personalized service from experts who are trained and know what’s right, what won’t work and how to do it. Advice from your neighborhood techie, right down the street, to talk to anytime. Selling technology solutions and services without carrying a large inventory, where items are dropped shipped and delivered the next day, and serviced in the store, where the security of your data and your privacy are much more important than the equipment used that stores and delivers it.

This is what we envision delivering as a combined solution for the consumers needing to place trust in having personal guidance with the convenience of being close by. Our model is imitating to some extend, the local paint store like Sherwin Williams, where people go instead of the big box stores and to whom local painters trust and work with. In this spirit, our local store will work closely with the local I-T professional community offering discounts and incentives.

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