How Beko Built In Fridge Freezer Altered My Life For The Better

How to Choose a Fridge Freezer Built in 50/50

The integrated fridge freezers are made to perform an invisible role in your dream kitchen. These appliances are subtly concealed by fascias with integrated fascias. They conceal lots of storage space, and use clever technology to keep food fresh for longer.

For instance certain models can eliminate the need to defrost completely by the circulating of dry air to avoid frost build up. Some models even reduce frost using low-frost technology.


A refrigerator freezer is an appliance in the kitchen that allows households to store and preserve fresh drinks and food items in their own area separated from other food items to ensure hygiene. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours. They also come with different features that make them more practical to use.

Some models come with a pantry drawer with temperature and humidity controls. This is perfect for preserving wine, party trays, or frozen vegetables. Other models have a movable cheese drawer and salad drawer that can be set to the optimal temperature for each kind of food item. Some models feature a quick-freeze feature that reduces the temperature automatically as you load food items to the freezer.

A battery-powered digital screen is another fantastic feature. This means that the fridge will continue to function regardless of an interruption in power. Some refrigerators also have an accumulation block for cold that helps keep the fridge cool for longer. They also have the ability to drain the spout to allow water to be easily removed during defrosting. Also, look for refrigerators with separate controls so you can alter the temperature in each compartment should you need to. Some fridges have a holiday setting that turns off the freezer, but ensures that the refrigerator is running so you can still enjoy frozen foods while away.


The idea behind them is to play an invisible function in your dream kitchen by hidden behind facias that are subtly integrated refrigerator freezers that are integrated have a lot of advanced technology. They’re reliable, affordable and come with features that will help your food last longer, such as innovative cooling technologies such as BioFresh and VitaFresh+.

Basic integrated fridge freezers will only keep a temperature fixed but better quality models offer more sophisticated temperature control. They even allow you to set the fridge or freezer in degrees Celsius. Some models have separate drawers to store fish and meat at an lower temperature which improves preservation. They also have a separate compartment for storing fruit and vegetables at a low humidity that prevents them from becoming too wet or rotting faster.

Our top range of integrated refrigerator freezers from brands like Bosch, Siemens Beko, Hotpoint and Neff include the latest features, and many more kitchen-enhancing innovations. Some models, for instance are built with a door alarm which alerts you if the refrigerator or freezer doors were opened accidentally. Certain models are frost-free, and can be defrosted completely by moving dry air through the appliance, so that any frozen ice that forms melts and evaporates automatically.

It’s crucial to verify that the appliance you are buying is the same split type as the previous one, so that the cupboard doors are compatible. Also, you’ll need to leave a few centimetres at the back of the appliance for the sockets or pipes that need connecting.

Energy efficiency

A fridge freezer’s energy rating shows how much it requires to keep food cool. The higher the rating the more efficient it is. Find models with the highest efficiency ratings. AO compares energy ratings and shows you how much it costs to run a particular model every year.

The range of fridge freezers offered by AO includes smart models with WiFi connectivity. These models are able to sync with your smartphone and let you set up notifications to remind you to get rid of food items before they expire and even make custom recipes. They also provide useful features like the ability to crisp salads and LED lighting inside the fridge compartment.

Another feature that is useful is Holiday mode. This lowers the temperature of the fridge and reduces energy consumption while you are away.

If you’re looking to maximize storage space, without sacrificing efficiency, opt for an integrated model like this Montpellier MIFF502. It fits into the cabinetry of your kitchen a sleek and minimal design. The fridge has an adjustable glass shelf and a reversible front door, while the freezer offers chest-style drawers that offer flexibility. The freezer is energy-efficient and features a quick-chill feature as well as super-frost to cool quickly. This makes it possible to keep the freshness of vegetables and meat longer and helps reduce the accumulation of frost, which makes cleaning easy. The other innovative technology LG offers is NatureFresh technology that keeps cool air moving around the fridge, and a Fresh Balancer which adjusts humidity to suit fruit and vegetables.


If you’re looking for a refrigerator freezer that is built in fridge freezer 70 30 50/50 and will not require extensive installation, consider buying appliances made by a manufacturer that comes with a full warranty. LG and Samsung offer warranties on refrigerator compressors for up to 10 years, while GE provides water filters for 30 days. Bosch and Beko offer fridges equipped with frost-free technology, which eliminates defrosting, which makes these refrigerators an ideal option for homeowners who are busy.

While regular maintenance and looking into issues as soon as you can will extend the life of your refrigerator freezer, the typical appliance lasts between 12 and 14 years. Modern kitchen appliances have been designed to ease the burden of daily life by doing steady, reliable work. For instance, integrated refrigerators like the Bosch KIN85NSF0G refrigerator freezers, which hide refrigeration behind the doors of cupboards. It has a capacity of 1.5 litres (net), for the fridge, and 99 litres, for the freezer.

Compare the warranties provided by various companies when looking for a freezer refrigerator. A lot of these warranties offer a repair service that allows you to fix appointments with trained technicians near your home. A refrigerator warranty can help you save time and money on appliance repairs. In addition to the warranty for refrigerators, you can also consider purchasing extended warranty coverage for other major appliances and systems within your home.

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