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Hotpoint Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser Review

Hotpoint offers a broad range of models that can be adapted to your needs, whether you want fridge freezers for your new kitchen or a model with more capacity.

In our tests, it maintained a very stable temperature and only warmed up a little when the door was left open. The controls consist of blister and touch buttons with temperatures that are adjusted in 2-degree increments.

Product Description

Hotpoint refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of today’s families. They’re stylish and inexpensive, yet they offer durability that lasts for many years.

With a fridge capacity of 234 litres and freezer capacity of 93 millilitres, this model offers plenty of space to store food items that are fresh. The model is equipped with LED lighting that makes it easier to find the items you need. It also has Low Frost technology to cut down on the time spent defrosting.

The HBNF 55181 W Aqua UK1 freestanding fridge freezer comes with an opening for bottles to be placed in the door as well as an egg holder. It also features an Activated Oxygen feature that is said to help eliminate unpleasant odours and preserve food. It also comes with an easy-to-use water dispenser inside the door, so that you can drink cold drinks any time you’d like.

The valve that lets water inflow channel the water coming in through the filter and onto the dispenser. If the valve to supply water is frozen or damaged it might not be able for water supply to the dispenser. Verify the valve’s continuity using a multimeter and then replace it if required. It is possible that the valve won’t work properly due to insufficient water pressure. Check to see if the valve working properly when it is activated. It should also be receiving a at least 20 psi. You can also replace the water filter. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to replace your water filter every six months.


HBNF 55181 AQUA UK 1

This freestanding fridge freezer from Hotpoint is a spacious appliance to fit all your family’s food needs. With an integrated water dispenser there is no need for plumbing. The appliance also comes with frost-free technology that helps to prevent the accumulation of ice within your freezer and fridge.

The fridge is easy to clean thanks to the glass shelves and fronts which add robustness and elegance. The fridge has a handy glass balcony in the door, a divider to accommodate taller bottles as well as an egg tray with a pull-out. There is a good selection of storage compartments within the fridge and freezer, including a salad drawer one, a dairy compartment and a deep vegetable drawer.

The Active Oxygen Generator claims to remove odours from your fridge. The freezer has an additional drawer for ice cubes, as well as a useful wire bottle rack as well as plenty of space for food bags. This model was able to cool quickly and maintained a constant temperature in our tests. It had decent cooling capabilities, however, it took a long time to cool completely and the controls were a bit confusing.

Product Features

Hotpoint offers a range of appliances that are suitable for any budget and household. Their appliances are affordable and appropriate for all budgets. The company sells an appliance every 19 seconds in the UK and their products provide excellent functionality, value and performance.

The Hotpoint Class 7 H7T 911A MX H AQUA frost-free refrigerator freezer is spacious with a 360 litre capacity including three drawers that are a good size freezer. Active Oxygen is also available it is said to help eliminate odours whilst keeping food fresh. The fridge also comes with LED lighting, four possible temperature settings and an ECO function that has a Super Freeze button.

The freezer comes with a ‘Multi-Use Drawer that can be put above the crisper or on the side in case you require more storage space. The main door features an excellent dispenser for ice and water but the reservoir takes up some of the door space and may make it difficult to accommodate tall bottles.

Check the water intake to see if it’s open. The valve may not be able to turn on the switch on the dispenser’s actuator when it is frozen or clogged. Test with a multimeter the valve that opens water for continuity and replace it if necessary. The water inlet is situated behind a plastic cover at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Product Warranty

If your refrigerator begins to lose its cooling capacity or you notice that there is a thick layer of ice in the freezer it may be the time to buy a new appliance. The typical refrigerator lasts from 10 to 15 years, but as its components start to wear out, problems may arise, ranging from irritating sounds to rising utility bills. Before you seek the assistance of a repair technician It’s best to look over the warranty information for the refrigerator you have currently installed or look online for extended warranties and customer rewards programs that can offer additional protection.

If the water dispenser in your refrigerator does not come on when you choose the option, it could be due to a problem with the water supply tube or frozen water line. If the tube isn’t clear then try blowing air into it. Also, check the valve that opens water to ensure it is seated properly and has sufficient pressure for water. Replace the water inlet if it is required.

Hotpoint is one of the most popular brands in the UK. It features an elegant design that will fit in with any kitchen. They are energy efficient and have a Fast Freeze feature that keeps food fresher for longer. Some even come with No Frost technology to reduce the time for cleaning and maintenance. The company sells a product every 19 seconds in Britain and strives to provide quality and functionality for families.

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A Built In Fridge Freezer With a 60/40 Split

Contrary to what you might think, not all integrated fridge freezers have the same capacity. Find a split 60/40 and examine the layout of drawers, shelves and door storage to determine if it’ll suit your shopping habits.

FreshSense technology ensures that your food stays at the ideal temperature (no more solid ice cream) and MultiBox XXL provides ample space for your veggies. Plus, long-lasting LED lights provide great visibility.


The KI7861FF0G built in fridge freezer from Neff will look fantastic in your kitchen. Its 184 litre (net) fridge and 76 (net) litre (net) freezer will store all your fresh food and drinks easily. The Eco Air Flow system treats your ingredients with care and respect and circulates air evenly, ensuring a consistent temperature and helping foods stay deliciously fresh. Its No Frost can help you cut out messy defrosting too with a continuous flow of dry air that impedes water from accumulating. It also has a Fresh Safe drawer for keeping fruits and vegetables at their best. Flat LED lights save energy and provide clear lighting.


The WRSA88FIHN might seem like a strange choice, but it’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for a side by side fridge that has a distinctive design. The gold-colored “Sunset Bronze” model has a great, understated look that stands out in a crowd. Although it didn’t perform quite as well as some of the other models we tested, this refrigerator’s distinctive look could make it an attractive choice for your kitchen.

This refrigerator consumes more energy than the other fridges that we have examined. It also comes with some fantastic features, such as Fresh Safe drawers that allow for flexible storage, and Eco Air Flow that ensures uniform temperatures and efficient cooling. Additional information is available in the owner’s manual (PDF). Here is a link to download it.


A built-in fridge freezer is a beautiful method of keeping your food fresh. They can be integrated into a kitchen cabinet or stand proudly above it. They are available in various sizes and styles to match any kitchen. They are a great addition to modern or contemporary kitchens. They also come in various colors to match your kitchen cabinets or worktops. Some come with a special glass door to give them that extra special look.

One of the most important things to consider when picking a built in refrigerator is the size that you need. While they are available in a wide range of sizes, the majority are approximately 84 inches in height. You’ll need to ensure that your kitchen space is large enough to handle such large items.

You should also look for features like frost-free refrigeration, which will help you save time by cutting down on the need to defrost. Certain models have humid drawers that can keep your produce in the best conditions. Others use light technology that mimics photosynthesis in order to preserve your vegetables and fruits healthy and full of nutrients.

Other smart fridge freezers include WiFi connectivity that allows you to monitor what’s in the fridge remotely create shopping lists, download recipes and keep track of expiry dates. Some have temperature dials that are lockable and are child-proof, while others sound an alarm if the door is left open. Some include a water dispenser that is connected to the mains, which means you can serve filtered cold water on demand.

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