Looking Into The Future What’s The Builtin Fridge Freezer Industry Look Like In 10 Years?

Integrated Fridge Freezers

The integrated fridge-freezers are designed to seamlessly into your kitchen and provide all the features you need. We offer free installation and delivery on our fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators.

Before March 2021, this model would have been awarded an A rating for energy efficiency. It’s a reliable model that keeps your bills down while also providing plenty of storage space.


This frost-free fridge freezer has an attractive touchscreen on the door. It is ideal for families. It is energy-efficient, has LED lighting, a split 50/50 and a Super Cool feature that reduces the temperature of the fridge compartment immediately after you have finished your weekly shopping.

This fridge freezer has plenty of room to store fresh and frozen foods. The fridge compartment has shelves that are large enough to accommodate cartons and bottles and two crisper trays for fruits and vegetables. It also has a handy Holiday Mode that keeps energy costs low and odours low when you’re away.

This integrated fridge freezer features a sleek design that will fit built In Fridge freezer 60/40 with any kitchen. It has an adjustable shelf as well as an BigBox compartment for bulky items such as meat joints. VitaFresh drawers for fruit and vegetables as well as an easy access shelf slide out are also convenient features. The fridge also has an integrated water dispenser which means you don’t have to keep refilling.

This fridge-freezer is energy-efficient it has a 50/50 split and LED lighting to help you find things easily. It also has a useful Super Cool function that rapidly reduces temperature in the refrigerator compartment after having taken your shopping out and a quick Freeze setting that can be used quickly to defrost your freezer when it gets full.

Energy efficiency

This model from Hotpoint is a fridge with an integrated freezer that sits neatly bosch built in fridge freezer your kitchen. It comes with various innovations to keep your food fresher longer. It’s got a huge capacity – 163 litres for the fridge and 91 litres for the freezer which makes it perfect for families. It has an A+ rating for energy efficiency and many useful extras, like the BigBox inside the freezer, VitaFresh drawers for fruit and vegetables and EasyAccess shelves that help you reach items.

If you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills be sure to look for models with features such as complete no-frost technology. This will help you finish de-icing off your to-do list once and for all. There are fridge freezers that feature an alarm that lets you know when the door has been left open, and reversible door hinges, allowing you to decide which side of the appliance you want it to open from.

Other energy-efficient features to look out for include All Around cooling technology, that circulates air efficiently, and smart functions like Power Cool and Rapid Freeze for the fridge and freezer compartments. Other features worth considering include a digital inverter compressor, that alters the power and running speed depending on the amount you use the appliance.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are designed to perform an invisible role in your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Behind the subtly integrated facias is a large and attractive storage area with clever storage features like wine racks as well as technological innovations to ensure that your food stays fresh and healthy.

In contrast to the conventional freezers that tend to be upright, similar to a fridge, or chest-style with a door on the top, these models can be fitted into the kitchen cabinetry, providing a more streamlined look. These models are also more energy efficient than freestanding ones which can help reduce power consumption.

The most recent fridge freezers that are integrated offer a range of functions that reduce day-to-day hassle such as reducing the frequency of defrosting and lowering temperature recovery times after closing the door. These integrated fridge freezers tend to be environmentally friendly thanks to new technologies such as 6TH SENSE that monitors the temperature in the freezer and boosts the freezing when it is needed, conserving energy.

Another excellent convenience feature is the quick chill and rapid freeze feature, which quickly brings frozen foods to a comfortable temperature to be used immediately. The top refrigerators also feature doors that can be reversible for more flexibility and height-adjustable shelves that allow you to maximize space in the fridge or freezer. Other convenient features include automatic defrost as well as intelligent LED lighting.


Despite their understated appearance integrated fridge freezers don’t need to cost you a fortune. With their subtlely integrated facias, these smart refrigerators offer deceptively spacious storage that can be set up to suit your needs along with a variety of smart features that ensure optimal cooling and organisation. If you’re looking to fit one turkey and a dozen bottles of bubbly or the space for your weekly shopping there’s a refrigerator freezer that can be adapted to your kitchen at every price point. The RFF102 from SIA is a fantastic example of high-quality at affordable prices. With a huge 236L gross capacity and multiple shelves that are removable, you can create an ideal fridge or freezer that is suitable for your home. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee on the year parts and labour guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

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