Click IT Is Now A Franchisor!

2 out of 3 Investment Opportunity are Now CLOSED

Click IT showed at the International Franchise Expo in New York City.
Click IT showed at the International Franchise Expo in New York City.
Attending Tradefairs is Important in Marketing Click IT
Attending Tradefairs is Important in Marketing Click IT


Click IT was given an "A" by The CEO Jeff Lefler said in his review with AL Harlow that Click IT has a "solid opportunity for prospects" and "by far, you are in the top 20 percent". Watch video of the review here.

Go to to learn about our franchise opportunity.

2 out of 3 Participation Offers are NOW CLOSED

Click IT, a business in the Computer Services category located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, sought financial support from our customers and friends. The capital raised in this non-accredited investor fund-raising campaign went directly towards our marketing expenses as we continue to build awareness of the Click IT franchise opportunity. Our business has developed to a point where our services are systematic in our approach to servicing our community with IT services. Click IT is now ready and poised to teach new franchise owners how to operate their own successful IT services business. Growth obviously takes capital, and so we turned to the community with an innovative financing model, Mainvest, which enabled us to accept investments from everyone (whether or not they are “accredited”.

“Our goal now, is to become the preferred “IT Department” for local communities surrounding Main Streets throughout the USA.”

—AL Harlow – CEO & Founder

After many years of operating a successful neighborhood computer shop, Click IT launched as a franchisor so other entrepreneurial-minded people can now easily replicate our Click IT store in their own community. The investment in owning a Click IT store, comparatively speaking, is minimal and the projected return is far ahead of typical business start-up norms.

Our franchise model is unique and unlike the category "sub shops" for instance, the competition in Managed IT is light by comparison (see

Our Expansion / Your Benefit

We are extremely thankful for our customers, friends, and family, and extended the opportunity to participate and benefit from our emerging success. Many of our customers took advantage of our discount offers.

The demand for IT service providers is expanding from $180.5 billion in 2018 to $282.0 billion by 2023; a 60% growth rate.


Since opening our company store on Main Street in Chagrin Falls in 2012, Click IT has become the go-to place for help with technology while perfecting our systems, products, and services, now formulated for the franchise owners. For an overview of our franchise concept, see our Pitch Deck.

Our Corporate Store and headquarters in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, east of Cleveland, USA
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Disclaimer: The purpose of this page is to give information. It is not an offer to sell securities or a franchise. Any offers to sell a security or Click IT Store franchise will be made by our Disclosure Documents and only following registration by Motherboard, Inc. in any state requiring registration prior to a sale. | Warrants are exempt securities as provided for by WY sec 17-4-202 (xx); O.R.C. 1701.03(0), and CFR Title 17, Part 230, sec 504 (2). | See Legal Notices | Privacy Policy | All Rights Reserved. | Any published information can change without notice.

3 Other Ways to Participate

Growth takes CAPITAL, and so to continue our marketing efforts in finding ideal candidates to award our franchise to, we offered additional ways to participate to customers and friends of Click IT in the following ways. Accredited Investors still are invited to learn more by Registering or contacting us.


Prepay Services – Customers who subscribed to one of our many IT services were able to prepay for any time period they select to receive an additional discount, up to 30% depending on the service.

This was a limited-time offer. It is now expired.


A special thanks goes out to all our valued customers who decided to participate with us in this manner.

CLOSED - Special Offer on Warrants

Note with Warrants – Click IT was offering high-interest rates on short-term and long-term loans with warrants as an added bonus. Or warrants are available separately too.*

See warrants for more information.


This offer also has expired.


Accredited investments of Over $50,000 is Still Open

Accredited investors may still participate with convertible notes and other equity instruments when making an investment of $50,000 or more.

We welcome an inquiry regarding this type of investment participation.

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