Business & Consumer Price List


Since 2003, we have helped organizations and individualsutilize technology to its fullest benefits. With a datacenter in downtown Cleveland on te internet super highway, ClickIT offersCloud BAckup, Enterprise level Anti- virus, Network and Workstation Management, Managed Email hosting and More.

Repair Services

  • Diagnostic / Evaluation
    Identify existing and potential problems with your computer. j Non Refundable. Due at time of check-in. $39.95/mo
  • Instant Advice
    let our tech give you instant advice.
    This fee may or may not be applied to a service performed.$19.95/ mo
  • Tune-Up
    Just like your car, your computer runs best after a tone-up. Click lT will remove unused or uowaoted files, optimize your hard disk and file system, all resulting in a faster, more pleasing computing experience. $99.95/mo
  • Basic Virus Removal
    Identifies and removes common annoyances and security leaks such as Mal ware, Spyware, Browser Hijackers, and Trojan Horses. $99.95/mo
  • Extreme Virus Removal
    Identities and removes the most heinous viroses like Bout and Root kits, FBI Virus, and File System Viruses. $149.95/10GB*
  • Operating System Install
    Install a fresh copy of your computer's operating system. Includes OS optimization tor your system and peripherals. $99.95/mo
  • lnstruction / Consultation
    Lotos help you make good decisions by speaking to one nf Click IT's Cerf ified Tecks for advice concerning new computer purchases, custom builds, networking issues, software choices or anything else related to your IT. $86.00/mo

Data Services

  • Data Transfer
    Transfer data from one medium to another. Does not include des- tination media. $89.95
  • Complete Backup
    Backup your entire system to a high-speed USB3 hard drive. Includes installation and configuration of backup software. Price includes hard drive. $189.95
  • Recovery Media
    Your computer didn't come with installation media for your OS. Click IT can make it for you. Saves over S100 in the event of hard disk failure $49.95
  • Forensic Data Recovery
    Recover accidentally deleted files, missing data, or data from failed or failing hard drives, thumb drives, or smart-phones. $249.95
  • Hard Drive Cloning
    Create an exact duplicate of your hard drive for emergency recovery when you don't have time for repairs. Excellent option for busy professionals who depend on their computers.$149.95
  • Set-Up
    Most services offered require some degree of set-up. Click IT simply bills any time spent setting up these services in addition to the monthly fees, or provides a fixed cost for set-up. This will be dis- cussed, determined and agreed upon at time of purchase since every installation is typically unique.$21.95/15 min
  • Click IT Desktops
    Click IT Workstations are the ultimate computing solution for your small business. Get everything you need and nothing you don't. Easy upgrades, Integrated Workstation Monitoring, and peace of mind for your business. We can customize systems for any business need. .Custom Quoted


Customer Care

  • Care Complete!
    Two free 30 minute remote service sessions every month, anti-virus and 24 I 7 monitoring of your essential system information to identify potential problems before they happen. $49.95/ mo
  • Computer Monitoring
    BProactive, 24 / 7 monitoring of your essential system information. monitoring of your computer systems, Click IT managed anti-virus and Weekly reports. Pay only if a problem. $19.95/mo
  • Click IT Anti-Virus
    Click IT's managed cloud based anti-virus solution stays out of your way and protects you from the worst of the worst. Fully configurable and customizable to work best with the way you use your computer. Identifies and removes common annoyances and security leaks such as Mal-ware, Spy-ware, Browser Hijackers,and Trojan Horses. $14.95/mo
  • Cloud Backup
    Managed backup secures your most important files on redundant "always up" servers. Easily restore missing or deleted files, restore entire computers, and securely store your data with Military Grade Encryption. Unlim- ited versioning and archive retention included.
    *Cloud Backup starts at S19.95. Additional storage space available at discounted rates $19.95/10GB*
  • Traffic Monitor
    Perfect for shared or family computers. Monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from websites to make sure you and your family are as safe on-line as possible. (Includes Web security, Web filtering & Bandwidth monitoring.) $14.95/mo

Email & Web Hosting

  • Microsoft Exchange
    Leverage the power of Exchange your e-mail needs. Sync and manage e-mail across all your devices and the web. Share contacts, calendars, appointments and more! $24.95/mo.
  • Basic Email
    Professionally managed IMAP e-mail accounts are easy to set up and sync across multiple devices and platforms. Perfect for businesses or sole proprietors requiring "always-up" e-mail. $6.95/mo.
  • Website Hosting
    Click IT has the hardware and experience to host and manage all aspects of your company's web presence. Click IT also offers in-house developers to create beautiful and functional websites and web-apps.$19.95 and up

Hourly Rate & General Labor

  • General Labor $86.00/hour

    Click IT offers a vast array of services to our clients and customers, too many for any one list. As such, there are many repair and consultation services that are quoted on an hourly (general labor) basis. While not applicable to all situations, from time to time certain service requests that fall under the "general labor" catergory will be billed as such.

  • While not applicable to all situations, from time to time certain CI service requests that fall under the "general labor" catergory will be billed as such.
  • After one (1) hour all general labor is billed in 15 minute increments at S21.50

Pickup & Delivery

  • Village Area Pickup and Drop Off No Charge
    Outside Local Pickup (Under 5 Miles)$25.00
    Outside Local Pickup (5-15 Miles) $50.00
    Outside Local Pickup (Over 15 Miles) Time plus $.50/mile
    Certified Data Destruction S39.95
    Computer Recycling No Charge