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Indesit built in fridge freezer 60/40 In Fridge Freezer

The Indesit built-in fridge freezer is a space-saving solution that will meet all your freezing and refrigeration requirements in one place. Enjoy 154L of cooling space spread across three glass shelves making it easy to store and organise. A dedicated Crisper drawer is also included for delicate salads and fruits.

Optimal Humidity

With 154L of fridge space as well as 110L of freezer space The indesit built in fridge freezer fridge freezer built in fridge freezer 70 30-in has enough space to store your weekly shop and more. There’s a designated Salad Crisper for your delicate vegetables and a big storage compartment that can hold the family’s favourite bags of frozen snacks. Hygiene Protection minimizes bacteria and odours, ensuring that your food tastes fresher for longer. Achieving the best Humidity constantly monitors and adjusts humidity to create the perfect environment and protect produce.

Low Frost technology decreases the amount of ice which accumulates on the walls of your freezer or fridge making defrosting a lot easier. This keeps energy efficiency high and you will have to defrost your fridge and freezer less often.

This Indesit fridge-freezer is easy to clean. It comes with an antibacterial lining that keeps food clean and free of germs. The door seals too, are antibacterial for an uncluttered, fresh appearance. White is a classic look to your kitchen, and the bottle balcony is convenient and lets you store drinks in a convenient way. This Indesit integrated refrigerator freezer is versatile because the door can be opened to open on either side. This Indesit fridge freezer comes with a 10 year warranty on parts and labor and will give you peace of mind that this appliance will last for years to come.

Total No Frost

Indesit integrated refrigerator freezers offer the most advanced features to ensure that your food stays fresher for longer. A key feature is Total No Frost, which actively circulates cold air inside the freezer compartment to prevent the formation of ice. This means you don’t need to defrost as frequently.

For extra convenience, this model also has a dedicated Crisper drawer for delicate salads and fruit to ensure they are as fresh as is possible, along with an attractive bottle balcony, so you can easily keep your favorite drinks. There’s enough space to keep everything you need for your week in the 154L refrigerator and 110L freezer.

The model is also equipped with Pure Wind technology. A fan constantly blows cool air around the appliance to increase ventilation. This helps keep your food fresher for longer and also saves you money by reducing food waste.

Its sleek, stylish design will look stunning in any kitchen. It also is equipped with an A+ energy rating so you’ll know that you’re making a responsible purchase for your family. You can rest assured knowing that the built-in fridge freezer comes with one-year warranties. This is the perfect accessory to any modern kitchen.


We know how busy life can be, which is why we provide appliances with features that are designed to save you time and effort. The Push&Go feature comes as standard on our refrigerator freezers. It helps cool your food items faster. This feature activates additional cold to reduce the temperature of the cavity of the appliance which can be restored up to 40 percent quicker.

To help you make light work of your weekly shopping The INC18 T311 UK built-in fridge freezer features the brand’s Push&Go benefit alongside Total No Frost technology. This split refrigerator-freezer with 70/30 capacity includes 250 litres of storage space and glass shelves. It’s big enough to hold your entire weekly shop. You can find the perfect place for your groceries with 154 litres in the fridge and a Crisper drawer devoted to delicate salads and fruit.

Pure Wind and Low Frost technology can also be used to keep your food fresher longer. By reducing levels of humidity, Pure Wind is ideal for products that are acidic or sensitive while Low Frost reduces the build-up of ice so you’ll have to defrost less often. Foods will be enjoyed more.

Reversible Door

Designed to ease the burden of busy families, this Indesit fridge freezer is an efficient solution for space-saving to manage all your fresh and frozen food requirements in one. The Optimal Humidity technology continuously monitors and adjusts the humidity levels inside the fridge, ensuring that you don’t risk your food from drying. This model also has Push&Go and Total No Frost, to help reduce defrosting time.

This Indesit Fridge Freezer is available in a stylish white color and has an elegant, tall design that can be incorporated into smaller kitchens. The total capacity is 154L. There’s numerous storage options available, including three shelves made of glass that are safe to use and an attractive full-width bottle shelf inside the door. There’s a separate Crisper drawer for delicate salad leaves and other fruits. The freezer cabinet can hold a net volume of 110L due to the spacious combination of three deep drawers with clear fronts.

All shelves and drawers are easy to wipe clean, making it easy to keep this Indesit Integrated Fridge Freezer in great condition. It is energy efficient and has an A+ rating, and also incredibly quiet, operating at only 38dB. It is easily controlled by an adjustable thermostat, and equipped with a door that can be reversible to match your kitchen’s layout it is the ideal fridge freezer for smaller homes and flats.

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