Steps to Becoming a Click IT Franchise Owner

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FIRST STEP: Is Click IT Franchise a Good Fit?

Finding our ideal candidate for Click IT franchise ownership we feel is one of our most important missions. We first evaluate if you're a good match for our franchise system and that Click IT fits within the realm of your previous work history, acquired talents, financial goals, and objectives.

Once in our initial conversations we determine that the Click IT franchise system is a very good fit, we can then move forward with the next steps.


  1. ☐ You have provided some basic information about yourself, as described on our Basic Application Form found here: If you haven’t filled out and submitted this form, please do so ASAP.
  2. ☐ You may be asked to take an Entrepreneur Assessment Test. How you score here will help determine if you're a good match. This is important for both you and Click IT because we want to be confident in our belief that you will succeed in using our systems.
  3. ☐ You will need to check to see that you're pre-qualified to receive outside funding, such as an SBA loan. We can help in this regard. Go to to learn more. The sooner you arrange funding the faster you can move forward with opening your Click IT Store.
  4. ☐ Finding your best location to locate a Click IT store is a task that we will help you with. For qualified candidates, we will build maps that indicate what establishments are inside a 5-mile radius of the location being considered, along with the area's demographics showing the resident and business populations. To check to see if your desired location is available, go to Territories Under Consideration.


  1. ☐ Register as a "Franchise Candidate" at Inside this private portal, in the Members Area, you will get access to more information about Click IT, including access to this convenient checklist to help you stay on track. (Our suggestion is that you print this page and keep it tacked up somewhere noticeable and check off what's been completed.)
  2. ☐ After registering, you will be sent an email with instructions to sign our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. In this agreement, you agree to receive all our documentation electronically, to save on printing costs and make the exchange of information more efficient.
  3. ☐ Once you have signed this agreement and sent it back to [email protected], you will be approved for membership access to the Click IT Group portal. To log in, go to
  4. ☐ You will next need to schedule a time to speak to Chris, Click IT's Operations Manager, who will enlighten you about the day-in-the-life of a Click IT store owner/manager. This will be about an hour-long conversation, where Chris can answer any of your questions regarding operations. You can make an appointment with Chris by going to
  5. ☐ At any time, you should fill out our Advanced Application Form which may take more than one sitting. You will find a link to it in the Member's Dashboard. You must be logged into the portal to access this application form, and it is designed to memorize your progress.
  6. ☐ Next will be a scheduled call with our President, AL Harlow, to discuss any further questions you may have and to get acquainted. AL can share with you at this time, more details about the profitability of certain divisions of the business, so you can become more familiar with how Click IT differentiates itself with over 12 divisions of IT products, services, and solutions. Schedule an online meeting by going to his calendar:


  1. ☐ During this online meeting, AL will give you access to two important documents: a) The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and 2) the Franchise Agreement (FA). He will review some of the information in the documents, and  David will also provide some information to help you in understanding them.

Discovery Day:

  1. ☐ You may also be invited to a Discovery Day at Click IT in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where you will really have the chance to understand every aspect of running your own Click IT store. (To see what accommodations are surrounding Click IT, go to To make your reservation, go to
  2. ☐ During Discovery Day, you will be given complete access to all that we do, and be able to speak with the entire staff and explore all our systems at our headquarter store in Chagrin Falls.
  3. ☐ While getting to know each other at Click IT, you and our staff will be discussing every aspect of running a Click IT store, so you'll leave with a very good understanding of what would be required to open and run your store.


  1. ☐ After your meeting at Click IT headquarters, you will be given an indication of whether or not you will be awarded a Click IT Franchise. If the exact territory is still in question, and time is needed to narrow the location down, then at Click IT's discretion you may be given the privilege to reserve the area for 30 days with a deposit. See
  2. ☐ The entire franchise fee of $39,996 will be due at this time you sign the Franchise Agreement (FA). The FA is easy to complete by filling in the questions on the back pages.
  3. ☐ As a new franchise owner, you'll also need to sign up for the upcoming classes published on our events calendar found at, which will provide the training schedule at our company store.


Best-in-Class Since 2012

Best-in-Class Since 2012

Making the decision to become a Click IT Franchise Owner is a big decision for both us as the franchisor and you as a new business owner. We believe that this process will produce for us as an entire organization, the best-in-class franchise owners ever assembled.