The 3 Greatest Moments In Fridge Freezer History

Fridge Freezer 50/50

Fridge freezers 50/50s have greater capacity than other refrigerators. They can also have a wine rack on the refrigerator’s side or a door space for bottles. They are perfect for those who have an extensive family and entertain frequently or are looking to stock with frozen food items.

AO also stocks models with innovative features that aid in keeping food fresher for longer. Be sure to look for blue light technology that continues the process of photosynthesis, making sure that fruits and vegetables are able to retain their nutrients and vitamins.


The size of the fridge freezer you choose can have a significant impact on your kitchen. Refrigerator freezers are available as freestanding units that can be fitted to your cabinetry or integrated models that blend in with the style of a kitchen that is fitted. You can also opt for taller 50/50 models that offer more storage and a modern design.

It’s important to consider the needs of your family when deciding on the capacity of your fridge-freezer. If you’re prone to eating more fresh food, choose the model with a split of 50/50 that has plenty of shelves that can be adjusted to suit the height of your containers. There’s plenty of room for bottles of wine and soft drinks on the door racks as well and there’s an additional salad drawer that retains humidity to help keep your vegetables and fruits crisp.

Alternatively, if you prefer to eat more frozen meals You can select a 70/30 or 60/40 split. These models offer a greater proportion of fridge space and the freezer section comes with clear-fronted drawers to help you locate your frozen meals.

A 50/50 fridge-freezer by Leibherr is a fantastic option if you’re looking to cut back on energy bills without sacrificing quality or function. It’s frost-free and comes with a doors that can be reversible, meaning you can place it anywhere in your home. Its cooling systems are separate, allowing the fridge and freezer to concentrate on their respective tasks and allow you to have maximum storage and use minimal power.

Another great option is this Liebherr model, which offers similar efficiency, with reversible doors and plenty of adjustable shelves. The water and ice dispenser inside the door will help save even more energy, as it’s directly connected to the water supply of your home. It is also packed with smart features, like a the large touchscreen on the fridge’s side door, which allows you to control your appliance, or show photos of your loved ones. It’s compatible with the SmartThings app too which means you can use it to play music, or make notes on your shopping list.


Fridge freezers aren’t just storage containers; they can be a significant design feature in your kitchen as well. Modern models in brushed steel and white finishes are available to fit any space or preference. Some have extras like chilled water dispensers or egg racks. Others have smart technology built-in so you can connect them to your smartphone for simple control and updates.

Our wide range of 50/50 refrigerator freezers has something for all, whether you’re searching for something simple that will do the job or something high-tech. The models we offer have intelligent features that can save you money. They monitor your energy consumption, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

If you are a lover of technology then why not consider an appliance with a touchscreen on the door? These allow you to access useful settings and apps, and can also be used to display family photos or write notes. They can even display the weather!

Most fridge freezers are frost-free and therefore you won’t have the hassle of manual defrosting as well. Some even have handy extras like a chrome wire wine rack that’s perfect for storing soft drink bottles, or the flexi-shelves on this Bosch model that allow you to adjust the shelves to different heights to make room for tall objects.

Other features that you’ll find on some of our models include an open alarm, a reversible door that lets you choose which side it opens from and also the Quiet Mark symbol to show that it has been tested for the level of noise. There are models that have a BigBox drawer inside the freezer compartment that’s deeper than other shelves, allowing for heavy items, and an EasyAccess shelf that slides out, making it easier to reach items at the back.

Blomberg’s VitaminCare+ keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer, too. It makes use of coloured LED lights to mimic the sun’s 24-hour cycle of light. With a premium electronic display that comes with the ability to control it with a finger and a search function, you will find what you are seeking.


A 50/50 fridge-freezer has separate doors for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. This allows you to organize the contents more efficiently and keep them fresh. Doors are also convertible, which means you can get your fridge to go with the style of your kitchen.

Our selection of freezers 50/50 comes with many other useful features. For example, if you like cooking, then you’ll be delighted to find an extensive salad crisper that is perfect to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. There’s a bottle rack that can store your chilled drinks, and many models feature LED lighting that shines on everything from leftovers to frozen snacks.

The freezer portion of a 50/50 fridge freezer is typically situated on top, which can make it more practical for everyday use. So, the commonly used items will be at a comfortable height, while the less-used food items are stored in the back where it is less likely to be lost. But, don’t overfill your fridge-freezer to the brim because this could hold heat and reduce the efficiency of your energy. To ensure optimal cooling keep it at three quarters.

If you’re a couple or single person who loves to entertain and entertain guests, then you should look for fridge freezers that have handy party settings. They’ll activate the fridge’s Super Cool function to keep drinks at the perfect temperature and also makes additional ice cubes whenever you require them. Certain models come with a party alert to let you know that guests are arriving.

If you’re looking for a frost free fridge freezer that has a huge capacity, then you should consider this model from Blomberg. It features a huge 91-litre freezer, four shelves in the fridge and an ice-cream maker to store your fruits and vegetables that you consume daily. You’ll find it easy to track your groceries thanks to an electronic touchscreen, and VitaminCare+ helps preserve vegetables and fruits, enhancing their freshness. It even comes with a chrome wire wine rack for your most loved bottles.


Fridge Freezers are a most commonly used kitchen appliance that can do more than just chill food items, they also keep fresher for longer, and offer useful storage options, too. Choose a refrigerator-freezer with the desired split. Most are 50/50 however there are also 75/25 models that come with a bigger refrigerator and smaller freezer. These are ideal for those with a lot of frozen food. Alternatively, opt for an integrated model that can slot right in to your kitchen layout to create seamless design.

Our selection of Fridge Freezers offer plenty of storage space, including a generous capacity of 185 litres in the fridge freezer haier compartment where you can use adjustable glass shelves and door balconies to store jars and bottles. There’s also space in the freezer to store your frozen favourites, thanks to two drawers that are separate, as well as a salad crisper drawer and Ice cube tray. Choose a frost free model and you’ll never have to defrost, which will help to reduce energy costs too.

You can further improve the efficiency of your fridge freezer by using an effective setting known as Holiday Mode which reduces power consumption and intergrated fridgefreezer helps keep energy costs lower when you’re away. Refrigerators equipped with cameras are a handy option, so you can inspect the contents without opening the doors.

There’s plenty of handy storage in this Hisense fridge freezer The fridge compartment boasting an EasyAccess shelf as well as the VitaFresh fruit and vegetable drawer and an impressive 101 litre net capacity. There’s even a BigBox freezer compartment, perfect for those grocery store bulk cooking deals.

A water dispenser as well as an ice cube tray are sure to improve the functionality of your kitchen. These models are plumbed in so that you always have chilled, filtered water on be on hand, while the ice cube tray comes in handy to keep your mixers chilled. Some models have a rapid freeze and cool feature that allows you to quickly freeze and chill foods so you’re prepared for an emergency dinner party. These features can add to the cost of fridge freezers however they are well worth it for a busy family.

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