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Beko Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser

Add fresh, clean food storage space and a chilled water dispenser to your kitchen with this beko fridge freezer that has a water dispenser. It’s frost-free so you don’t have to waste time freezing it.

This fridge freezer has an electronic top control as well as a water dispensers inside that are filtered to ensure maximum convenience. Plus, EverFresh+ technology and photosynthesis-activating blue light keeps fruits and vegetables extra fresh for up to 30 days.

Product Description

Beko refrigerators are a perfect match for modern kitchen designs and give an elegant finish. They feature a sleek, stainless steel finish that is fingerprint-resistant and top digital controls. Some models have an automatic ice maker as well as an inside water dispensers, while others have the French four-door design that allows you to switch between fridge and freezer compartments as required.

The idea of keeping leftovers, fresh produce, and chilled drinks in the fridge is a great way to reduce food waste. Beko fridge-freezers get the most of your refrigerator’s capabilities with features like zone temperature adjustments and fresh-air IonGuard. The brand also has a range of storage options like safety glass shelves, crisper drawers and wine racks.

The Beko CXFG1685DW refrigerator-freezer keeps your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. It utilizes Beko’s NeoFrost dual-cooling system to cool the fridge twice as fast while maintaining optimal humidity. It also comes with a freezer area that is free of frost so you don’t need to defrost frozen food often. The freezer also has micro vents to circulate air and ensure it stays fresh. It also has a built-in camera that lets you observe what’s inside without opening the doors. This model does not have an integrated water dispenser. However it does come with a handy tank you can fill up manually.

Product Specifications

The fridge is a side-by-side model that includes water dispenser as well as an automatic ice maker. It has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish with electronic controls and an LCD display. It also features an energy-efficient compressor and a high-efficiency cooling system and a 6 pound automatic ice maker. This Beko refrigerator is an excellent choice due to its freezer that is frost free and built in to the cabinetry, making it perfect for tighter spaces.

It has a counter depth design and 13.5 cubic foot capacity. NeoFrost dual-cooling technology is highly efficient and has two evaporators that create isolated conditions of climate between the fridge and freezer. This lets food remain fresher for longer, and reduces odor transfer. IonGuard is an antibacterial coating that blocks bacteria and mold from growing. ActiveFresh Blue Light simulates outdoor lighting conditions and uses blue LEDs to boost photosynthesis. This keeps fruits and vegetables up to 30 percent fresher than a conventional refrigerator.

The freezer has an adjustable bin to organize and store large items. This model is ENERGY STAR qualified and has been awarded the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence award. It also comes with the option of a child lock as well as an alarm for the open door. It is covered by a 6-month limited warranty.

Product Features

The beko refrigerator freezer has a plumbed water dispenser which you fill manually. It’s well designed and does not take up much space on the door. This feature is ideal when you don’t have the option to connect your refrigerator to the water main. It can aid in reducing any future service issues.

The freezer compartment has a large capacity for food storage and the fridge is large enough to store frozen and fresh food items. It also includes an ice bank tray that allows you to make your own ice.

Another fantastic feature is the reversible door, this means that you can alter the appearance of your refrigerator to match the kitchen appliances. The beko has an odor-eliminating IonGuard System that helps keep food fresher for longer.

Energy efficiency is a key selling point for beko refrigerator freezers. They have received several Energy STAR Partner awards from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, for their commitment to sustainability, as well as for their proven energy savings. The beko Fridge Freezer features ActiveFresh Blue Light which mimics natural lighting in the outdoors to speed up the process of photosynthesis. This helps your food retain nutrients and remain fresh for up to 30 percent longer than other fridges.

Beko refrigerator freezers are known for being quiet. They make use of efficient fans and compressed air to reduce the noise. They also come with a night mode that eliminates the noise as well as an the ice dispenser to help you enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Product Benefits

If you’re looking at ways to save space in your kitchen, a Beko fridge freezer is an ideal choice. These american fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser-style fridges are frost-free and feature dual evaporators. They’re also easy to keep clean. This model has a large ice bank tray in the freezer to help you make and store additional ice. The handy water dispenser in the interior lets you easily grab glasses.

This stainless steel refrigerator is equipped with LED lights that light up the interior. The refrigerator is large enough to accommodate the needs of a family of four and its doors are wide so that you can easily access your food items. The refrigerator is equipped with Beko’s NeoFrost technology that has two fans and evaporators to cool the fridge twice as fast as conventional refrigerators, meaning food items will be fresher for longer.

A built-in water dispenser as well as an automated ice maker give you one-hand operation. This refrigerator is ENERGY accredited, which means you’ll save money on your electric bills.

This Beko four-door French door refrigerator is a stylish and sleek option for your home. It’s equipped with an ice maker turbo that produces up to six pounds of ice each day, as well as an internal water dispenser. It’s also fitted with Beko IonGuard Technology which ionizes the air inside the fridge to eliminate the smell.

Are You Responsible For The Built-In Fridge Freezers Budget? 12 Tips On How To Spend Your Money

How to Choose a Fridge Freezer Built in 50/50

Refrigerators with integrated freezers are designed to serve a purpose that is invisible in your dream kitchen. Hidden behind subtle fascias, these appliances provide deceivingly cavernous storage space and a wealth of clever tech to keep food fresher longer.

Some models, for instance which completely eliminate defrosting, do so by circulating air to prevent the accumulation of frost. Some models even reduce frost using low frost technology.


A refrigerator freezer is a piece of equipment in the kitchen that permits families to store and keep their fresh foods and beverages within their own space. This is done for hygienic reasons. They are available in various sizes and colours and also have features that make them more convenient to use.

For instance, some models come with a pantry drawer that can be adjusted for humidity and temperature – ideal for keeping wine, party trays, or frozen vegetables at their best. Others have a movable cheese drawer and salad drawer that can be set to the ideal temperature for the type of food item. Certain models come with a fast-freeze function that lowers the temperature automatically when you add food into the freezer.

A digital display powered by batteries is another fantastic feature. This means that the refrigerator will continue to work even in the event of a power outage. Certain refrigerators come with an accumulating block for cold to keep the fridge cool for longer and also the spout drains to facilitate water removal during defrosting. Find refrigerators with separate controls, to allow you to adjust the temperature of each compartment individually if needed. Some refrigerators come with an option for the holiday season that shuts off the freezer, but allows the refrigerator to run so you can enjoy frozen goodies even when you’re away.


The integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend in within your dream kitchen, hiding behind subtle facias. However, they come with a wealth of smart technology. They’re durable, affordable and come with features that help make the food last longer. This includes smart cooling technology like BioFresh, VitaFresh+ and HyperFresh.

Basic integrated fridge freezers keep a constant temperature, however higher-end models come with advanced temperature control. You can also set the fridge or freezer in degrees Celsius. Certain models have a separate drawer to store meat and fish at an lower temperature that improves preservation. They also have an additional compartment for storing vegetables and fruits at a low humidity level that stops them going soggy or rotting more quickly.

Our top-quality range of integrated fridge freezers from brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Beko, Hotpoint and Neff feature the latest technologies, as well as a host of other kitchen-enhancing innovations. Some models come with doors that alarm you when the freezer or refrigerator doors are opened in error. Some models are frost free and do not require defrosting at all. They circulate dry air through the appliance to melt and evaporate any ice that may form.

It’s crucial to verify that the appliance you are buying is the same split type as the previous one, to ensure that the cupboard doors fit. It is also necessary to leave a few centimetres on the back of the appliance for sockets or pipes that require connecting.

Energy efficiency

The energy rating of a fridge freezer tells you the amount of energy it takes to keep food cool. The higher the rating, the more efficient the fridge freezer. You should look for models with highest energy efficiency ratings. AO compares energy ratings and shows you how much it costs to run a specific model each year.

AO’s range includes smart models with WiFi connectivity. These models sync with your smartphone and let you set notifications to remind to take food out prior to expiration and create personalised recipes. They also have useful features, such as the ability to crisp salads, and LED lighting inside the refrigerator compartment.

Holiday mode is an additional useful feature. This reduces the temperature of the fridge and decreases the energy use when you are away.

Choose an integrated model like the Montpellier MIFF502 if you want to maximize storage space without sacrificing energy efficiency. It is integrated into your cabinetry to give it a sleek, minimal look. The refrigerator has a reversible door and 4 glass shelves, while the freezer has drawers with a chest of drawers design for the flexibility. The freezer is energy-efficient and has a feature for quick-chilling as well as super-frost for quick cooling. This makes vegetables and meat fresher for longer and helps reduce the accumulation of frost, which makes cleaning easy. Other cutting-edge technology includes LG’s NatureFresh technology, which helps keep cool air moving around the fridge, and a Fresh Balancer which adjusts humidity to fit the needs of fruit and vegetables.


If you’re searching for a fridge freezer built in 50/50 that doesn’t require a lot of installation, look for appliances made by a manufacturer with a solid warranty. LG and Samsung offer warranties on refrigerator compressors of up to 10 year, while GE offers water filters for 30 days. Bosch and Beko offer fridges with frost-free technology that eliminates defrosting, making these appliances an ideal choice for homeowners who are busy.

The typical fridge freezer lasts 12 to 14 years. Regular maintenance and fixing any issues immediately when they arise will extend the life of the appliance. Modern kitchen appliances are designed to make life easier by performing a stable steady job. For instance, integrated fridges like the Bosch KIN85NSF0G integrate refrigerator freezers that hide refrigeration behind the doors of cupboards. Its capacity is of 1.5 litres (net), for the fridge, and 99 litres, for the freezer.

When you’re shopping for refrigerator freezers, be sure to verify the warranty of the manufacturer and compare it to the warranties provided by home warranty companies. A lot of these warranties offer repairs that allow you to arrange repair appointments with experienced technicians in close proximity to your home. A refrigerator warranty can help you save time and money by streamlining the repair process. In addition to refrigerator warranties you may also think about buying extended warranty coverage for other major appliances and systems within your home.

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