This Is A Guide To Integrated Fridge In 2023

Choosing an Integrated Fridge For Your Kitchen Remodel

A built-in fridge is integrated into counters and cabinets and blends seamlessly into the style of your kitchen. With panel-ready options as well as inset handles, they also offer enhanced customization flexibility.

These features are the reason why a lot of homeowners choose to have an integrated fridge over freestanding models. However, this type of refrigerator also comes with a few drawbacks.


The integrated fridge-freezers are flush with the kitchen cabinetry and provide a sleek look that resembles an extension of the cabinets. They are perfect for kitchens with a modern or country cottage style. However, there are a few things to consider before you make the plunge to purchase an integrated refrigerator.

The size is a major aspect to consider. Refrigerators with integrated features are available in a variety of sizes to fit various sizes of kitchens. They’re also typically larger than freestanding fridges which allows you to store more food items in them without the necessity of an additional fridge.

Another factor to consider is the depth. While integrated refrigerators are deeper than counter-depth, freestanding refrigerators are generally counter-depth. This could limit the number of storage options, since they will not fit in the cabinets in your kitchen.

Not least, you must think about the design of the door. Refrigerators with integrated doors are available with either a fixed hinge or a sliding model. It’s important to be aware of this as it affects the way that refrigerator doors open and close. It is also important to decide whether you want a 50:50 or 60/40 split, since this will determine how much space is allotted to the freezer and fridge sections.


There are a variety of styles available for kitchen refrigerators of today. Some refrigerators feature a distinctive color or design that gives them a unique look while others have an elegant exterior that blends into the rest of interior design. If you’re looking for a more discrete look and style, then an integrated or built-in refrigerator might be the perfect option for your home. Our team at Spencer’s TV & Appliance is here to help you locate the ideal integrated refrigerator for your kitchen remodel.

Integrated refrigerators are designed to sit perfectly with your cabinets, making them a great option for those wanting to create a seamless kitchen aesthetic. They come with a door that is a match to your cabinetry so you can’t tell where the refrigerator ends and the cabinets begin. These are also great for kitchens with small spaces as well as open-plan living spaces because they can help declutter the area and make it appear more organized.

The most well-known type of integrated fridge is a bottom freezer refrigerator. This model allows for larger items like meat, fish and other vegetables to be kept without losing storage space. It also features an extra middle drawer which can be used to store wine or storing an charcuterie platter before guests visit. The drawer comes with a separate temperature controller so you can set the temperature to your preferences.

Another style of integrated refrigerator is the French-door model. This kind of fridge features sleek stainless-looking finish that will match the cabinets in the kitchen. It’s a great option for modern homes. It has a handleless door that gives it a luxury look. You can also customize your refrigerator by selecting different colors and finishes.


Integrated fridges integrate into the fridge housing or existing cabinets in your kitchen and give it a seamless look without any forward protrusions. These types of refrigerators are popular among homeowners who are looking to create a contemporary and luxurious look for their kitchens. They conceal the appliance from view. These fridges are also quieter and more efficient than freestanding models.

You can pick from a variety of storage options, including 50:50 models which offer a similar fridge and freezer space that allows you to store everything from fresh produce and leftovers to frozen meats and ice cream. You can also pick 60/40 splits or 70/30 models, which have bigger freezers and smaller fridge.

Many integrated fridges come with a drawer for storing meat and fish at 0degC which enhances preservation and increases shelf life. There is also a variety of fruit and vegetable drawers that can be controlled by humidity to help fresh food to stay fresh and healthy.

Some models come with a “frozen compartment’ that protects food from freezing and frost. This kind of appliance would be ideal for those who enjoy baking, freezing, or cooking from scratch.

Another useful feature is the option to install a separate ‘freezer’ drawer for large platters, bowls and containers for takeaway food. This will safeguard your food from freezer damage and cut down on the necessity to defrost frequently.


In contrast to freestanding fridges, integrated refrigerators can’t be easily moved when you renovate your kitchen or move. They are incorporated into kitchen cabinets and are designed to match the rest of the decor in your home.

This kind of fridge is often found in stylish kitchens or in homes which require a premium, modern aesthetic. The fridge is hidden behind doors for cabinets that are typically made of wood or polished stainless steel to create a seamless appearance that is a perfect match with the surrounding decor. The integrated fridge can also be paired with smart home apps to connect your fridge and other appliances to communicate with each other, respond to commands, and eventually become part of a bigger home control system.

Despite their attractive appearance, integrated refrigerators have some disadvantages. They’re more expensive than freestanding refrigerators. This isn’t due to better mechanical systems or performance. It’s because integrated fridges for sale are targeted towards a premium market, which is willing to pay more for the high-end design.

The installation of an integrated refrigerator can be expensive due to the need for modifications in your kitchen. This involves cutting or removing any fillers that are in the way, and adding an additional bridging cabinet above the fridge to accommodate its door frame. In addition, integrated refrigerators are typically taller than freestanding models and can leave an unsightly gap at the top of your cabinetry. You may need to add an overhang to fill in the gap. This will make it more visually pleasing. This isn’t an issue If you’re content to keep your fridge as it is, but it is something to consider if you are planning to change your kitchen’s layout in the near future.


Integrated fridge freezers are more expensive than freestanding models due to their sleek aesthetic and their permanent installation. This is due to the design of cooling technology that can be compact and also due to the fact that many homeowners will pay more for a fridge with a premium design that is not in conflict with their kitchen style. They also require a more professional installation than other refrigerators. This can add significant cost to the total cost.

The integrated fridge freezers also offer more energy efficiency. They are well-insulated and allow cold air to be confined within the. This leads to less fluctuations in temperature and lower energy consumption. Additionally, because the doors are inset they don’t protrude from the cabinetry, which can create a more spacious and open-air feel inside.

The freezer area of an integrated refrigerator is typically smaller than the one found on standalone models, but it still provides plenty of storage space to store fresh food items and frozen items. In addition, many integrated refrigerator models have 50:50 splits which allow for equal storage of refrigeration and freezer space.

Ultimately, the advantages of an integrated refrigerator are vast. They have a sleek design that blends into custom cabinets, which help to create a more cohesive kitchen layout. They also offer greater storage capacity and flexibility, and are equipped with a variety of features to improve functionality. As a result, it’s not surprising that they have become a popular choice for luxury appliances buyers today. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a choice.

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