This Is The New Big Thing In Chest Freezer For Garage

Black outbuilding chest freezer Freezers

Black chest freezers are a great source of space to store frozen food. They are a great option for areas with power outages as they allow food to remain frozen longer than upright freezers.

If you plan to keep your model in an unlit garage or basement be sure to look for models which have interior lighting. This feature will allow you to find your food more quickly and reduce energy use.


Anyone who needs to store extra frozen food can benefit from a chest freezer. You can keep leftovers, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as your homemade meals in them. Many models have separate baskets and dividers that can be removed, to allow you to organize your contents in a way that makes sense to you. There are also models that are energy-efficient and use less power for operation.

Make sure you choose models designed to withstand cold temperatures if you are planning to keep an upright freezer in your garage or shed. Certain models are designed to function in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

This budget model has nearly 100 litres of additional freezer space, and it fits perfectly into an empty corner of the kitchen. It’s not frost-free and it lacks a digital display of temperature. However, the price is so low that these flaws are easily overlooked.

This chest freezer is an excellent option if you want more space in your freezer, but don’t have to pay a premium for a top of the high-end model. The capacity of 255 litres gives you enough space for summer icecreams and stews that are cooked in batch during winter. The sleek gloss black finish will look great in any kitchen. It has an easy defrost and drain system, as well as a basket coated with vinyl that lets you divide your food into smaller portions.

Energy efficiency

A freezer can be a valuable addition to any kitchen. It can reduce food wasted by keeping food items frozen. It can increase energy costs, however, because it requires more energy to keep the frozen food cool than a fridge.

You should consider purchasing a chest freezer Energy Star certified to reduce your energy usage. These models are insulated with foam and use a type of refrigerant called 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, which does not deplete the ozone layer and is considered safe for indoor usage. Upright freezers use more energy because they have bigger footprints and are not as well insulated.

Because they are lower and longer, chest freezers can provide more storage space. They can take up the majority of floor space, and you’ll need to account for the door’s height, which may swing to the left or right.

Choose a freezer that has a built-in storage basket to organize your food. This will help you save space and money. A wire basket can allow you to fit more food in smaller spaces than shelves, which is a good option for families with small storage space. Another feature that can make a chest freezer more economical to run is the automatic or manual defrost. A self-defrosting freezer uses less energy than a manual defrosting model and is able to cycle on and off periodically to prevent ice buildup.


Black chest freezers are quieter than upright freezers and as such, they’re perfect for garages, sheds or outbuildings. If you do hear noise at the night, it’s most likely to be due to normal expansion and contraction of walls of the freezer, which will not disturb you. Some models are extremely quiet, averaging only 38dB. You won’t have to be concerned about disturbing your neighbors or family members with loud appliances. If you’re looking for a silent black freezer, look into Currys own brand Logik range, which is surprisingly affordable. Garage-friendly freezers are available for less than PS200. They have over 50 litres of storage space.

Defrost time

The majority of chest freezers require manual defrosting, that is, you must disconnect the freezer and then open it to let the ice melt. Certain models are more straightforward than others to defrost. The GE FFP245LDBS can be one of them. It comes with a basket that can be removed to help arrange, an interior lighting system, and an adjustable top that will not cause a head injury when you go to the freezer to grab a frozen pizza. It also comes with a handle that is recessed for energy efficiency as well as foam insulation.

Chest freezers are often bought to give you extra storage space. They are ideal for storing large ice-cream tubs, bags frozen vegetables, or sections of meat. The majority of them have huge capacities and come with a lid that opens from the top. Some have bins and internal dividers for organizing, while others have locks and are self-defrosting.

Some of these freezers will last for up to 48 hours without opening the door, if it is shut. If you must keep your freezer open for a prolonged period of time, ensure that you put it in a cool location with plenty of airflow. Also, be careful not to put anything warm into the freezer as this can affect the temperature and cause it to thaw faster.

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