What Do You Need To Know To Be Are Ready To Tall Integrated Fridge Freezers

Buying an Integrated Fridge Freezer

If you’re replacing an old fridge-freezer, or if you are planning to remodel your kitchen with contemporary and sleek design, an integrated model will be a great option. They’re also great for reducing daily hassles like defrosting.

The fridge-freezers that are integrated are generally in a standard size and can be inserted into a cabinet housing. However there are several models that have different splits (e.g. 70/30). There are also Sliding or Fixed doors available.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are a popular choice for kitchen design. They save space and aren’t as noticeable as freestanding models. However, they’re more expensive than a comparable model in freestanding form. It is also important to consider the cost of the fridge, the cabinet that houses it and the kitchen cabinetry for if you’re planning to create a surround.

In general, integrated american style fridge freezers refrigerator freezers are the standard size. They’re typically 60cm in width, but can vary a bit depending on the model and brand. They can also vary from a midi height that is approximately 130cm to an extra tall model that’s around 170-180cm.

The size of the fridge compartment will differ based on the model and preference. There are models that feature 50/50 splits that provide equally space for the fridge and freezer 70/30 models, which can hold more fresh food items and a single-door model that is ideal for people that like to keep their dairy and meat separated.

The majority of fridge freezers that are integrated have many features that will help you keep your food fresher longer. This includes Total No-Frost technology, which helps to reduce the build-up of ice, allowing you to tick de-icing off your to-do list. These units are usually fitted with the option of a salad drawer, wine rack and plenty of shelves for bottles of milk or water.


Refrigerator freezers with integrated fridges can be concealed behind cabinet doors to create a seamless look. Behind their subtly integrated facias, they’re packed with hidden storage that looks cavernous and clever tech to keep your food at the perfect temperature for longer.

The top models offer numerous shelves and drawers that can be used to organize your weekly shopping along with plenty of space in the door for large milk bottles. Look for features such ice makers and smart connections (which allow you to adjust settings with a smartphone app) and child locks. A lot of models have shelves that can be set to the ideal temperature for wine, meaning you can chill your favorite vintages without the risk of them getting frozen.

The hinges of the less expensive integrated fridge freezers imported from the Far East are prone to breaking after a couple of weeks or months. They aren’t durable enough for the repeated use. Be sure to look for Hettich or Ingol hinges, which are sturdy and durable. Many people forget that fridges and freezers with integrated refrigerators have more weight on their hinges than freestanding fridges which is why they must be sturdy enough to withstand. The same goes for kitchen doors, which need to be strong enough to handle the weight of the fridge, freezer, as well as a door for the kitchen.

Energy efficiency

The best integrated fridge freezers are a perfect match to the kitchen design to create an attractive, uniform design. You can also keep your food fresher longer with innovative frost free technology. With a variety of sizes, capacities and energy efficiency ratings, you’ll be able to find the ideal fridge freezer to meet your requirements.

When you’re replacing a broken fridge freezer or giving your kitchen a fresh look or creating a new space from scratch, integrated models conceal the appliance behind cabinet doors to create an elegant look. This will reduce clutter on your counter and provides additional storage for dinner parties. Depending on the model that you pick, some have adjustable shelves that allow you more flexibility in how you organize your food items.

There are two types of sliding and fixed door models. The sliding door models feature an attached rail in the cabinet, allowing the fridge door to slide into. The other type is fixed and uses hinges specially designed to attach the fridge door to the cabinet, which means the cupboard doors are bonded to the freezer doors of the fridge when they are opened.

It is now possible to find out the amount of energy that an integrated fridge freezer consumes in kWh annually due to the new energy labels that will be rolled out in March 2021. This will help you make an informed decision when selecting your appliances. The new rating system also makes it easier to compare the energy costs of different brands of fridge freezer.


A fridge freezer integrated into the refrigerator is a great choice for homeowners looking to create a streamlined kitchen design. The appliances are concealed behind doors on cabinets and blend seamlessly with other kitchen decor. They also remove visual clutter. These appliances are ideal for people with small kitchens and open-plan living areas. It is crucial to leave enough space above and behind the appliance for adequate airflow. Otherwise, you could end up using more power than you’re required or damage the fridge or integratedfridge freezer you have integrated.

Our range of integrated fridge freezers includes models with varying capacity storage. Choose from a classic 70/30 split, or upgrade to a 50/50 model with the same amount of freezer and fridge space. Some models have shelves that can be adjusted to alter the layout of the storage space to meet your requirements. Other features include a frost-free setting to lower the temperature quickly, an antibacterial lining that stops odours and mould, as well as frost-free technology.

If you’re replacing the existing fridge-freezer or reworking your kitchen, you won’t go wrong with a fridge or freezer that is integrated. They’re sleek and stylish alternative to freestanding appliances and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Saga Home Insurance will give you peace of mind for repairs and replacements.

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