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A Tall Larder Freezer Is Ideal For Smaller Homes

A tall larder freeze can be freestanding or integrated and can be placed under the kitchen worktop. This is perfect for homes with limited space. Be sure to look for features such as a power-on indicator light along with a door alarm as well as an interior light.

There’s plenty of room to store burgers, vegetables and all your cheat day sweets. A good energy rating will also keep your electricity bills down.


A tall larder can be incorporated into cabinets or freestanding. It appears like a side-byside fridge and freezer but is designed for storage and does not have an refrigerator or icebox, so it can fit in a smaller space.

Sizes of freezers are measured in cubic feet. A typical upright larder can hold up 17 cubic feet or more of food. The size of the food items you store will determine how much freezer space you require. A good rule of thumb is that one cubic foot can hold about 25 lbs of food, however weight and volume do not necessarily match exactly.

There are four sizes available of freezers: compact units are less than 5 cubic feet in size Small units range between 5 and 9, medium units are between 10 and 18, and large units are over 18. To help you decide what size freezer you need for your family, simply multiply the number of people in your household by 2.5 and you will get an approximate estimate of the cubic feet of freezer space you require.

This Powerpoint tall larder is a fantastic example of a value upright freezer that comes with top table freezer-quality finishes at affordable prices. The 168-litre capacity can comfortably accommodate your weekly food shopping and there are plenty of storage compartments to keep frozen vegetables, ready-to-eat meals and burgers in. It is rated A+ for energy efficiency and is QuietMark approved, so you won’t hear it in your kitchen.

The upright larder freezer by Bush has a stylish design with a choice of graphite or white to suit your kitchen colour scheme. It has a frost free operation, and a reversible door to let it open on either the left or right hand side of the unit, in accordance with the layout of your kitchen. It features a quick freeze setting to reduce the time that you spend waiting for your food to thaw, and it can alert you when the door is open.

Energy efficiency

Freezers can be quite energy-intensive which is the reason you might want to consider an energy efficient model. You will reduce your electric bills and also reduce your environmental impact. Energy-efficient freezers require less electricity to maintain the temperature. They are usually marked with the Energy Star certification, which indicates that they meet the energy usage criteria set forth by the EPA.

There are a variety of freezers that are energy-efficient, but you need to choose one that is best suited to your needs. There are three kinds of freezers which are upright, chest and deep. Upright freezers have several layers of shelves and are accessed via a front-mounted door. They are usually smaller than chest and deep freezers.

Chest freezers have a large storage space that is access via a top-mounted doors. They have a greater storage capacity than upright freezers, but they can be more difficult to organize. Deep freezers can have lots of storage space, but they are difficult to access due their deep design.

An upright freezer that is both compact and retro-styled could be the perfect option for your kitchen. You might also opt for a frost-free model, which eliminates the need to defrost regularly.

Another method to keep your electricity bills down is by choosing the freezer that has an A++ energy rating. This means that the freezer is quieter than other models, so you won’t notice it running.

The location of your freezer within your home can also affect the amount of electricity it uses. Cold air sinks, so it is best to keep the bulk of your frozen food towards the bottom of the freezer. This will keep it coldest when it’s needed.

You may also want to search for a freezer with an electronic thermostat that allows you to set the temperature of the freezer. This will prevent the food from becoming too frozen or thawed, which can affect the taste and texture of the foods.


A taller larder is made to fit under the worktop and is less deep than a standard freestanding freezer. This is a great option for kitchens with smaller spaces in flats or terraces that are converted into condos. These kitchens can be designed in a traditional or minimalist style to meet your needs.

These models offer multiple storage options including door bins as well as drawers. Some even include salad crisper drawers to store your fresh produce, as well as door bins for your deli meats. They could also have a power-on indicator light and leveling legs or wheels to help them balance on uneven floors.

Based on your preferences You can also opt for a model that has an interior light as well as an alarm built-in to notify you when the door is left open or the temperature is increasing. Other useful features include a quick freeze mode to cool down new food faster and an audible alarm when the freezer runs out of power.

This type of freezer is not equipped with an ice storage container and you’ll need to keep your own ice. This is a problem for families and those who frequently entertain guests. It is also a challenge to find larger platters and other large items out of the freezer.

This Cookology upright model is the best choice if you want a taller freezer that can accommodate all of your family’s frozen foods. With a black finish and matching fridge the compact model features an interior light that can illuminate your food selections and an automatic defrost function to minimize downtime.

With a capacity of 182 litres, this Powerpoint freezer can provide enough storage space for 12 bags of shopping. There are six compartments to aid you in organizing your shopping and the door can be reversible to suit the layout of your kitchen. It’s frost-free, which means you don’t have to fret about thawing it manually.


This freezer from Winia offers plenty of space to store all your favorite foods, from frozen vegetables to ready-to-eat meals. It also comes with full-width, sturdy glass shelves that will keep everything organized and easy to find. It also has an automatic defrost function that can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce the time-consuming manual defrosting. It’s easy to clean using an antibacterial finish and features an LCD display with energy consumption readings to monitor the use of your appliance.

In contrast to a normal fridge freezer, a larder freezer does not have an ice box. This lets you keep more refrigerated food items such as meat, fish and even vegetables. It also keeps a temperature between 1 and 5C to ensure your health.

The best tall freezers come with drawers for salads, deli meats, and frozen vegetables. They also come with sliding shelves that can hold ready-to-eat meals and bags of frozen vegetables. There are models that come with a choice of finishes that will complement your kitchen. Some come with shelves that can be adjusted, so you can alter the layout to meet your needs. They can be installed beneath your worktop or incorporated into your cabinetry.

A tall larder refrigerator can be less expensive than an integrated freezer and fridge, however the savings don’t stop there. The cost of running a tall freezer is less expensive than a combination freezer because it requires less electricity and gas. Additionally, you will have more storage space available because you won’t need to dedicate a whole section of your fridge to a freezing unit.

If you’re looking for the most affordable or environmentally friendly tall freezer you’ll be able find one that meets your family’s requirements. Make sure to consider the number of people living in your household and their food consumption habits when selecting the best size freezer. A bigger freezer can help you avoid running out space if you entertain a lot. For small families small families, a smaller freezer should suffice for you to store the household equipment you need.

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