What Is Built In Fridge Freezer 70/30? How To Use It

Built in Fridge Freezers

The search for a built-in refrigerator freezer can be a stressful task regardless of whether you’re renovating or building. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed innovative technology that subtly enhances efficiency and makes it easier to do everyday tasks, such as defrosting.

Traditional fridge freezers that are integrated are a perfect fit into kitchen cabinets and are available with either fixed hinges or sliding model. Both are designed to fit inside the refrigerator cabinet and can’t be used on their own.


Integrated fridge-freezers are designed to blend in in your kitchen. They are concealed behind the cupboard door which means they don’t appear like a freestanding device. This means they are great for slick kitchens where the appearance of an appliance like a freezer can be disruptive to the overall aesthetic.

Despite their hidden appearance integrated freezers provide the same features of other fridge freezers, such as energy-saving and space-saving models. They are available in a large variety of sizes, too. Models range from 60cm for single-door models, up to 90cm in double-door American-style cooling appliances.

The height of integrated freezers is also variable, and you can pick one that is appropriate for the space you have available. There are fixed (on a premium hinge that attaches the cabinet door to the appliance) and sliding models.

The depth of integrated refrigerators is more common as they are built to fit inside a housing cabinet that is about 55-56cm deep. You can also decide if you want your refrigerator to be fully flush with your cabinets or to stand out in a prominent position. This lets you create a smooth, sleek lines in your kitchen.


Integrated Builtin Fridge Freezer freezers are designed to integrate seamlessly into kitchen cabinets. This provides the appliance with a luxurious appearance that is perfect for high-end, modern or contemporary homes. These fridge freezers can be more expensive, but they offer a greater selection of door handles and finishes.

Generally, built in refrigerators are more taller than freestanding models. They average around 84 inches. This could be a concern when you don’t have the space to accommodate one of these appliances, or should you prefer a conventional refrigerator that is smaller than 72 inches in height.

Certain manufacturers, such as Bosch, offer a range of heights to accommodate different kitchen cabinetry sizes. You can still enjoy the benefits from refrigerator freezers that are built-in, even if you have low ceilings.

You can also purchase a counter-depth refrigerator that will sit flush against your cabinets without sticking out as much. This is a good choice when you are renovating an old home or do not have the funds to install an integrated refrigerator.

The following are a few examples of

Integrated fridge freezers are more extravagant than freestanding models. They are smaller in depth to fit in a flush position with countertops and cabinets and provide more space than standard deep refrigerators. The larger sizes are particularly useful for large families or passionate cooks who wish to have a an adequate supply of food on hand.

The two different types of installation for integrated fridge freezers are fixed hinges and sliding hinge models. The two types of installation depend on how the fridge freezer will be inserted into your kitchen cabinetry and how it works with your other kitchen appliances doors. The majority of kitchen cabinet makers can accommodate both kinds of installations. However, it is always a good idea to verify before buying a refrigerator freezer that is integrated.

NEFF integrated fridge freezers come with numerous useful and smart innovations to help you keep your freezer and fridge filled with fresh and frozen foods. From our hyperFresh smart system that lets you choose a mix of temperature and humidity to maximise the life of your food items to our power freeze function which quickly reduces the temperature of your frozen food, there are fridge freezers that offer clever storage solutions to fit any lifestyle. There are even hotpoint built in fridge freezer-in refrigerators with a beautiful metal interior to give your kitchen a modern look. You can also choose from a variety of heights for integrated refrigerators so that you can find the ideal size.

Energy efficiency

Many people think about energy efficiency when selecting a refrigerator freezer. Fridges run so frequently all day long they consume plenty of energy. That’s why fridges and freezers have become much more efficient over the years.

Manufacturers have improved insulation standards, added new compressor technology and clever features. Look out for innovative solutions such as Fresh Zone +, which keeps your vegetables and fruits crisper for longer in humidity-controlled drawers. Siemens noFrost automatically removes the freezer from freezing, reducing operating costs by 10 percent.

Compare the kWh numbers on the labels of energy to figure out the amount of energy used by a freezer or refrigerator. This is how much energy a device consumes throughout the year. Smaller models require less energy than bigger models.

To make your refrigerator or freezer use even less energy, ensure that it’s not in direct sun and that the vents aren’t obstructed. Keep it at a few degrees cooler than the room temperature to aid in the operation of your freezer or fridge.

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