What You Should Be Focusing On The Improvement Of Fridge Freezers Built In

Zanussi built in fridge freezer 50 50 In Fridge Freezer

The fridge freezer is clear shelves and drawers that make it easy to see what’s inside. It has a larger middle drawer to hold larger food items, like meat joints.

Blast chilling quickly cools ingredients, extending their shelf life. It helps preserve textures, flavors and the nutritional benefits. Additionally, it makes cleaning simpler.


The fridge freezer has been awarded an impressive A+ energy rating, this fridge freezer from Zanussi is green and will help you cut down on your energy bills. It is hidden behind the cabinet doors in your kitchen for a sleek and seamless appearance. With a capacity of 160 litres (net) for the fridge and 57 (net) for the freezer, you will have plenty of space. (net) for the freezer, you will have plenty of room for storing your fresh food.

The fridge is equipped with adjustable glass shelves and a movable bottle rack which can be used to expand your storage options. There’s also an extra deep drawer in the freezer, which is great for storing large joints of meat or frozen bags of vegetables. You may have to take off the upper shelf to create more space for tall items.

The freezer has three drawers, the middle one being the deepest. This is great for storing large meat pieces or frozen bags of vegetables. There’s a separate easy-to-read digital LED display that will help you keep an eye on the temperature and also manage your food items. Frost Free technology keeps ice away so you don’t have to work at it to break it down. The shelves and drawers on the door are made from transparent plastic or glass, making it easy to see what’s inside.


A well-constructed and functional fridge freezer with plenty of storage. The fridge section is able to hold a volume of 160 Litres (Net) which can be divided into 3 fridge shelves and the door compartments. It is lit with bright interior lights for easy visibility. There’s even a separate salad drawer to keep your fresh food looking its best. The freezer is big and can hold up to 57 litres.

The integrated fridge freezer can be hidden behind the doors of your kitchen cabinets to create a seamless look. It comes with an A+ energy rating, which will assist you in reducing the cost of your monthly bills. It also comes with a hinge that can be reversed to give you a variety of opening options.

The refrigerator section has fully customizable doors and shelves that allow you to arrange the shelves as you wish. For example you can remove an upper shelf to make room for more taller items or to create more space on one shelf. The shelves are made of safe glass that is less likely than other materials to break when accidentally knocked. The freezer comes with a Quick Freeze function for fast and efficient freezing, as well as it makes use of low frost technology to cut down on the time it takes to defrost.


Selecting a cooktop is all about finding one that is suitable for your needs, whether that’s an induction hob that is space-saving or a large gas model with plenty of power to get the job done. You can pick from a range of colors and finishes, along with easy controls, to find the perfect freestanding cooktop for your kitchen.

Our fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly fit into your cabinets to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They’re also constructed of durable materials that keep your food fresher for longer. This means you can reduce your waste and save money. Our refrigerators and freezers have been tested to ensure energy efficiency and help you make a smarter choice for your home.

This Zanussi ZBB28442SA integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer is the ideal appliance for you if you want a fridge to keep up with your family. It features fully customizable door compartments and shelves, to ensure that you can organize your items in the most efficient manner. It’s Frost Free so you won’t have to spend time chipping away at the build-up of ice.

If you’re in search of an easy choice that will suit your home, make sure to check out our full range of Zanussi appliances. With sleek, modern designs and large appliances for families that are perfect for any home. Join our newsletter to receive top tips, inspirational designs and exclusive deals.

Washing Machine

This integrated ZNLN14FS refrigerator freezer from Zanussi will keep your food and beverages in top shape. This appliance is hidden behind the cabinet doors of the kitchen for a seamless look within your home. There’s plenty of space to store your favourite foods with a 161 litre (net) fridge and a 57-litre (net) freezer. With an outstanding A+ energy rating, this appliance will not only save you money on your energy bills but can also do a favor for the environment.

These Zanussi washing machine have drum capacities that are greater than what you would expect from a normal. They can easily meet up with the demands of laundry of your family. Whether it’s muddy football kits or a week’s worth of clothing, this model can quickly and thoroughly clean your clothes.

The AutoAdjust feature weighs your load and adjusts the duration of the cycle and the amount of water and electricity used for the best possible wash. By using less water and energy it can assist in protecting your clothing from wear and wear and tear. The daily program is ideal for everyday wear. It has a shorter cycle to make sure your synthetics and cottons are clean, fresh, and ready to wear. The digital display makes it easy to choose your programme and includes options for an additional rinse and pre-wash, stain removal and pause function.

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