Why Is There All This Fuss About Samsung Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser?

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser Review

Hotpoint provides a variety of models that are well-suited to your needs, whether you want an appliance that can be used as a freezer in your new kitchen or an appliance with more capacity.

During our tests, it showed impressive temperature regulation and only warmed up a little when we left the door open. The controls are a combination of blister and touch buttons with temperatures adjusted in 2-degree increments.

Product Description

Hotpoint refrigerators are built to meet the demands of today’s families. They’re stylish and affordable but they also provide durability that lasts for many years.

This model offers ample space to store food. It can hold a capacity of 234 litres for the fridge and 93 litres for the freezer. It is equipped with LED lighting to assist you locate what you require as well as Low Frost technology to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning the appliance.

This HBNF 55181 W AQUA UK 1 freestanding fridge freezer also features a divider on the door to hold bottles and an egg holder, as well as an Activated Oxygen feature that claims to reduce odours and aid in food preservation. It also comes with an easy-to-use water dispenser inside the door so you can have ice-cold drinks whenever you want.

The water inlet is the valve that channels the water into the dispenser. If the valve to supply water is damaged or frozen, it may not open for water supply to the dispenser. Examine the valve’s resiliency using a multimeter and then replace it, if necessary. It could also be that you have not enough home water pressure for the valve to work correctly. Make sure the valve is in continuous operation when it is in use and has water pressure of at least 20 psi. You can also replace the water filter. For optimal performance, it’s recommended that you replace your water filter every six months.

Product Specifications

HBNF 55181 AQUA UK 1

This Hotpoint freestanding fridge freezer is big enough to hold all the food for your family. With an integrated water dispenser, there is no plumbing required. This appliance is also outfitted with frost-free technology which helps prevent the build-up of ice in your fridge and shop freezer.

The glass shelves and profiled fronts of the fridge make it easy to clean. They also add strength and style. The fridge comes with a convenient glass balcony in the door, a partition to accommodate taller bottles and an egg tray that can be pulled out. There’s a great selection of storage compartments in the freezer and fridge which include a salad drawer one, a dairy compartment and an extensive vegetable drawer.

The Active Oxygen Generator claims to eliminate odours in your fridge. The freezer has a separate drawer for ice cubes and a useful wire bottle rack along with plenty of room for food bags. This model chilled quickly and maintained a constant temperature throughout our tests. It also had a decent capacity, however it took a while to fully cool down and the controls could be a bit difficult to understand.

Product Features

Hotpoint provides a variety of appliances that can be used by every budget and household. Their appliances are designed to fit the needs of every household and budget. Every 19 seconds, the company sells a new appliance in the UK. Their products are of top quality and offer excellent value.

The Hotpoint Class 7 MX H AQUA fridge freezer is frost-free and has a capacity of 360 litres and three drawers that is of a good size. It also has Active Oxygen which promises to eliminate odours and help in the preservation of food. The fridge is equipped with LED lighting and 4 temperature settings. It also includes an ECO button that has an Super Freeze function.

The freezer is equipped with a “Multi-Use Drawer that can be put above the crisper or to the side if you need more storage space. The main door has an excellent water and ice dispenser but the reservoir does eat up door space, which may cause some struggle for tall bottles.

Check the water inlet to determine if the valve is open. If the valve is frozen or blocked with dirt, it may not be able to activate the switch on the dispenser actuator. Test the water intake with an instrument and replace it when necessary. The water inlet valve is located in the refrigerator behind a cover made of cardboard at the bottom of the unit.

Product Warranty

If your refrigerator starts to lose its cooling capacity or you notice that there is a thick layer of ice in the freezer, it might be the time to buy a new appliance. The average refrigerator has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, but as the individual components deteriorate, problems start to arise from pesky noises, to skyrocketing energy bills. Before you enlist the help of a repair technician, it’s recommended to check your warranty information for the refrigerator you have currently installed or look online for extended warranties and rewards programs that can offer additional protection.

If you’re not able to get your refrigerator to turn on the water dispenser when you select it, it may be a problem with the water supply tube or line. Try disconnection of the tube and blowing air through it to see if it clears. Also, check the valve that opens water to ensure it is seated correctly and has enough pressure for water. Replace the water inlet if necessary.

Hotpoint is among the most well-known brands in the UK. It offers a stylish design that will make a perfect addition to any kitchen. These appliances are energy efficient and come with a Fast Freeze feature that keeps food fresher for longer. Certain models have No Frost technology that reduces maintenance and cleaning. The company sells an appliance every 19 seconds in the UK and aims to bring quality and efficiency to families.

What To Look For In The Inbuilt Fridge Freezer Which Is Right For You

A Built In Fridge Freezer With a 60/40 Split

Contrary to popular belief, not all refrigerators with integrated freezers are the same dimensions. Find a split 60/40 and look at the arrangement of shelves, drawers and door storage to determine if it’s suitable for your shopping needs.

FreshSense technology maintains your food at the right temperature (no more ice cream that is rock-solid) and MultiBox XXL gives plenty of room for your veggies. Plus, long-lasting LED lights provide great visibility.


The KI7861FF0G built in samsung american fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser freezer from Neff will look amazing in your kitchen. The 184 litre net fridge and 76-litre net freezer will hold all of your fresh food and drinks. Eco Air Flow treats your food items with care, by circulating air to maintain an unbeatable temperature while keeping foods fresh. It’s No Frost will help you cut out messy defrosting too by providing a continuous flow of dry air that prevents the build-up of moisture. It also comes with a Fresh Safe drawer for keeping vegetables and fruits at their best. Flat LED lights are energy efficient and provide clear light.


The WRSA88FIHN might seem like an odd pick, but it’s a unique option for those who want a side-by-side fridge with an aesthetically distinct design. The “Sunset Bronze”, gold-tinted model, has a nice and understated appearance that makes a statement. Although it didn’t perform as well as other models we looked at, this refrigerator’s distinctive look could make it a great option for your kitchen.

The biggest issue with this fridge is that it consumes more energy than other fridges we’ve evaluated. However, it also comes with many great features, like Fresh Safe drawers for flexible storage and Eco Air Flow that ensures consistent temperatures and efficient cooling. You can find more details in the owner’s manual (PDF). Here is a link to download it.


A built in fridge freezer is a stylish way to keep your food fresh. They can be built into a kitchen cabinet or placed on top of it. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any kitchen. They are a great addition to modern or contemporary kitchens. They are available in various designs to match your counters or cabinets. Some have a special glass door to give them an extra unique look.

The size of the built-in refrigerator that you choose is a major factor. You can find them in various sizes, however the majority are around 84″ tall. It is important to confirm that your kitchen can fit the size of such a device.

Also, look for features such as frost-free refrigeration, which will reduce the time you spend by making it less necessary to defrost. Some models also have humidity drawers so you can keep your produce in best conditions, while others use light technology to mimic photosynthesis, so that your fruit and vegetables retain their vitamins and nutrients.

WiFi connectivity is another smart fridge freezer feature. It lets you check what’s inside the fridge remotely download recipes, and create shopping lists. You can also keep track of expiry dates. Some models have temperature dials that lock and are child-proof, while others sound an alarm if the door is left open. Some come with a water dispenser fitted with a plumbing system, so you can provide cold filtered water on demand.

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