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transparent-click-it_150Click IT is your local I.T. Department. We help businesses and consumers who depend on us for providing solutions relating to all things to do with technology. Our mission is to help organizations succeed in using technology to its fullest benefits, to enhance their vision, make it easier and improve their bottom line.

The Click IT Group is the consolidation of all of Click IT's I-T services and products under one umbrella, each with the same mission. The reasons for member companies is so that we as a group have TEAMS focused on providing a specialty or concentration in I-T, by sharing resources to enable the economies of scale. As a technical solutions provider (TSP) franchise with many parts, Click IT's vision is to provide I-T to a wide spectrum of businesses, organizations, and households nationwide. Click IT was founded on the principle that technology should just work, and not be so hard in benefiting its users.  The world we live in today is driven by the technology we use, which is weaved into the daily fabric of our daily lives and is a trade-off with time, which is our most valuable commodity.  At our first franchise store in the Village of Chagrin Falls, we provide an easily accessible and local place to visit for fixing and benefiting from technology's use; including using our resources to help one grow a business and to learn how to use technology in order to do it.  Think of Click IT as your local I-T Department and solutions provider for all things relating to technology.  Our years of expertise, as well as the on-going growth and commitment of our team, has propelled us far ahead of any competition. Contact us to learn more about how Click IT can help you succeed in this complex, technological world, or visit the sites shown below.


Click IT's divisions are where you can learn more about each specialty or concentration.

Click IT Franchise

Wake up every morning feeling proud of your accomplishments and enthusiasm for the products & services you provide. Enjoy the freedom of being the boss, coupled with the security and

Click IT Email

Managed Email Services. Click IT offers managed email solutions which give you peace-of-mind. Click IT Email Services are different and better because they are managed and maintained by people you

Click IT Manager

Click IT has built a reputation providing high-quality I-T products and best-in-class I-T services. To grow, we expanded our I-T products and offerings to include now, many divisions of concentration.

Click It Videos

At Click IT, we specialize in bringing affordable, technological solutions to our customers, so they can enhance, market, run and support their organizations better, and more efficiently, without the worry

Click IT Wi-Fi

Turn your free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine. Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging your

Click It Mobile

The technologically progress of mobile devices has opened the opportunities for companies to reach customers through mobile advertising.  Mobile marketing is a more complex type of advertising through mobile devices

Click It Repairs

Click IT has been providing Northeast Ohio's most dependable and speedy computer services since 2012. Our expert technicians are fully trained and waiting to help you, whatever the issue. Our

Click It Hosting

If you want reliable hosting, but want to manage it yourself, our self-service web hosting plans are secure, reliable, feature unlimited bandwidth and come with free software. Website Hosting that’s

Click IT Phones

Delivery technology solutions today includes voice communications. There are too many solutions, features and choices out there in the world today.  Who can keep track of them? It is not only

Click IT Stores

Coming soon. Our goal, now that we have the model right (learned from our first store located on S. Main Street in Chagrin Falls), is to expand into a nationwide presence

Click IT Energy

Click IT formed a partnership with Volunteer Energy out of Columbus Ohio, through Velocity, who currently serves over 1 million satisfied customers. Through the use of advanced technology, consumers are

Click IT Computer

Don't order another digital component or computer without visiting Click IT Computer. With over 7,000 products, we now drop-ship to your home or business the next day, at very competitive

Click IT Website Design

Website design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of website design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized

Click IT Secure

Click IT Secure is a complete proactive security packaged solution to Data Vulnerability, offered by Click IT. We monitor and protect hundreds of computers across Northeast Ohio and beyond, and

Click IT Software

Among the categories of products and services Click IT has to offer, is website design, software, SEO services, and social media marketing. We specialize in providing our clients with with

Click IT Help

Click IT Help is a helpdesk for our customers. If you are considering getting involved with us at Click IT, then please contact us and request access to this essential

Click IT eMarketing

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Click IT MSP

Click IT MSP (for "Managed Services Provider") focuses on providing IT services to small and medium-size businesses. At Click IT, we manage, monitor and protect hundreds of computers across Northeast