Established in 2012

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Click IT is "Your Local IT Department" TM

Established in 2012, Click IT has become a cornerstone for businesses and individual clients alike, providing unparalleled IT management solutions from our convenient Main Street location in Chagrin Falls. Our expertise and dedication have established us as the go-to resource for those seeking comprehensive technology solutions, products, and services. We pride ourselves on making advanced IT resources accessible, ensuring that even those with limited resources can fully leverage technology to their advantage.

As we evolve into an expanding franchise, our ambition is to be recognized as the quintessential "Local IT Department" for communities nationwide and beyond. Our commitment is to transform your technological vision into reality. Each visit to a Click IT store is designed to simplify the transition to innovative IT solutions, enhancing your experience with technology. With over a decade of firsthand experience operating our flagship store, coupled with our strategic partnerships with best-in-class suppliers, Click IT is dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence. Our ongoing growth and the unwavering commitment of our team have positioned Click IT at the forefront of the industry, setting us apart from the competition.

Our Vision

At Click IT, our vision extends beyond simply being your "Local IT Department." We are committed to excelling in the provision of comprehensive IT solutions, services, and products for businesses, organizations, and households. Our aim is to offer these with cost efficiency and unparalleled personalized service, ensuring that our clients receive the highest value.

Our distinctive strategy involves delivering premier IT services in a personalized and trustworthy manner. This is achieved through our expanding franchise network of Click IT stores, each managed by dedicated and passionate owners. Our foundation is built upon the belief that technology should seamlessly integrate into our lives, enhancing it without complication. This principle guides our franchise model, emphasizing that one does not need to be deeply versed in technology to own a Click IT franchise. Our ideal candidate is someone who shares our vision of making technology accessible and beneficial for all.

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Over 12 Divisions of Services, Products & Solutions

Out-Source Your IT to the Best-in-Class

In today’s digital age, the value lies not just in the technology itself but in the information we harness and manage through it. The Click IT Group was established to comprehensively manage the multifaceted aspects of technology that are integral to our daily lives, seamlessly integrating into the complex tapestry of our existence. Operating under a unified framework, we provide an extensive range of IT services, products, and solutions across over 12 distinct categories. Our approach is designed to alleviate the burdens of complexity, saving our clients time and financial resources. Leveraging shared overheads and the economies of scale, each division of Click IT boasts specialized teams with deep expertise in their respective IT domains.

Best-in-Class Since 2012

We invite you to explore each category below to uncover the depth of our IT specializations. Our model facilitates substantial cost savings for our business clients by consolidating their IT needs under one trusted managed service provider (MSP). With Click IT, every solution is a step towards building a stronger, trust-based relationship with our clientele, one solution at a time.

Saving time and money

Saving Our Customers Time and Money

"Buying all your IT services and products from one trustworthy and local provider can save up to 50% in your total ongoing operating expenses, not to mention the time-savings and convenience!"

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Click IT franchise recently receiving an "A" from Franchise Grade.

Our Story

The Evolution of Click IT: Charting Our Growth

A Pioneering Approach to IT Managed Services

Click IT distinguishes itself by providing premier managed services within the welcoming environment of a retail setting, adopting a customer-first, concierge-style ethos. We address the needs of a notably underserved segment comprising small businesses and individuals, covering 12 distinct categories encompassing over 100 diverse services, products, and solutions. Discover the full spectrum of what we offer at our Click IT Stores.

The Foundation of Click IT

The story of Click IT began a decade ago with Al Harlow, who spearheaded a software development venture that laid the groundwork for what Click IT is today. Located in the historical heart of Chagrin Falls, the operation was initially focused on software, supported by a dedicated team adept in managing the intricate needs of IT infrastructure.

The venture gradually evolved, responding to the growing demands for Al’s expertise in computer services. This led to the expansion into a comprehensive suite of managed services, characterized by efficiency, automation, and a high level of customer service. This transformation was not just about technology but also about creating a connection with customers, offering guidance, and providing education.

Our Growth and Unique Market Presence

Fast forward to today, Click IT has solidified its presence with a flagship retail store in Chagrin Falls, serving as a model for excellence and customer-focused IT service delivery. Notably, since 2020, Click IT embarked on a new chapter, expanding into a franchise model. We now proudly operate four stores and are on a path of continued growth. Our stores serve as beacons of IT solutions and services, providing transparency, reliability, and unmatched value to our customers, even through challenging times like the pandemic of 2020.

Franchise Expansion and Opportunity

The journey from our original establishment to becoming a franchised brand marks a significant milestone in our evolution. Click IT is actively seeking ideal candidates to join our growing family of franchisees. We are committed to teaching, training, and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs on how to become successful owners of their Click IT stores within their communities. This franchise model offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the IT industry, backed by a proven business strategy, a commitment to service excellence, and a supportive network.

Join Us in Our Expansion Journey

With an A+ rating from the BBB and a 5-star Google ranking, our original Click IT store has set a high standard for service quality and customer satisfaction. We manage hundreds of computers daily and have satisfied thousands of customers who have visited us and come through our doors since 2012. Our success is also fueled by a strong online presence, translating into significant web and foot traffic.

As we look towards the future, our vision is to establish a nationwide network of Click IT stores, bringing our specialized IT solutions and services to communities across the country. We invite passionate individuals interested in owning a part of this success story to explore franchising opportunities with us at Click IT Franchise.