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transparent-click-it_150Our mission is to help organizations succeed in using technology to its fullest benefits, to enhance their vision, make it easier and improve their bottom line.

The Click IT Group is the consolidation of all of Click IT’s I-T services and products under one umbrella, each with the same mission. The reasons for divisions is so that we have sub-groups focused on providing a specialty or concentration in I-T, but as one organization sharing resources to enable the economies of scale which ultimately benefit our customers’ and Click IT’s bottomline alike. As a technical solutions provider (TSP) with many parts, Click IT provides I-T to a wide spectrum of businesses, organizations and households nationwide. In addition to our focus in helping businesses and individuals succeed and benefit from technology, we also work with organizations nationwide to provide highly-specialized and customized web applications to accomplish specific goals.  Click IT was founded on the principle that technology should just work, and not be so hard in benefiting its users.  The world we live in today is driven by the technology we use, which is weaved into the daily fabric of our daily lives, and is a trade-off with time, which is our most valuable asset.  At our store in the Village of Chagrin Falls, we provide an easily accessible, local place to visit for fixing and benefiting from technology use, including using it to help grow a business and to learn how to use it.  Think of Click I-T as your own personal I-T Department and solutions provider for all things relating to technology.  Our years of expertise as well as the on-going growth and commitment of our team, has propelled us far ahead of any competition. Contact us to learn more about how Click IT can help you succeed in this complex, technological world, or visit the sites shown below.


Click IT’s division sites are where you can learn more about each specialty or concentration.

What We Do

  • Click It Hosting

    If you want reliable hosting, but want to manage it yourself, our self-service web hosting plans are secure, reliable, feature unlimited bandwidth and come with free software. Website Hosting that’s easy, reliable and lightning-fast Click It Hosting lets you take charge, with industry-standard cPanel or Parallels® Plesk control panels, 24/7 phone or online support at […]

  • Click IT Stores

    Coming soon. Our goal, now that we have the model right (learned from our first store located on S. Main Street in Chagrin Falls), is to expand into a nationwide presence by acquiring similar stores throughout the United States. It’s not just about computer repair.  It’s about using technology every day and needing help and guidance in […]

  • Click IT Energy

    Click IT formed a partnership with Volunteer Energy out of Columbus Ohio, through Velocity, who currently serves over 1 million satisfied customers. Through the use of advanced technology, consumers are now able to easily and conveniently reduce their energy costs; finding guidance and advice from their local I-T services experts at Click IT. Yes, energy […]

  • Click IT Phones

    Coming soon. Delivery technology solutions today includes voice communications. There are too many solutions, features and choices out there in the world today.  Who can keep track of them? It is not only confusing but also time consuming and most don’t have the time to consider all that can be hurled at them, as the consumer. At […]

  • Click IT Computer

    Don’t order another digital component or computer without visiting Click IT Computer. With over 7,000 products, we now drop-ship to your home or business the next day, at very competitive prices, and can make sure you data transfers from any old device safely.  

  • Click IT Website Design

    Website design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of website design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. At Click IT, we work in teams covering all the different aspects of the […]

  • Click IT Software

    We also help clients in setting up various accounts across the most prominent social media websites. We help them communicate better to their potential or existing customers while helping create a great experience and brand presence on the internet.

    We primarily work with platforms such as Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Instagram. If you are interested in creating a stronger brand, having more followers and fans, having a method to communicate to your followers without spending an arm and a leg in advertising.. social media is your place to get…

  • Click IT Secure

    Click IT Secure is a complete proactive security packaged solution to Data Vulnerability, offered by Click IT. We monitor and protect hundreds of computers across Northeast Ohio and beyond, and can protect you too with this complete packages offering for small businesses and homes. Click IT gets business and personal data fully protected from ransomware, cyber criminals, […]

  • Click It Labs

    How is your Internet presence? Is your message getting in front of enough prospective customers? Are you utilizing technology to its fullest, taking full advantage of the ability to communicate and broadcast information instantly? Do you need a strong, capable and proven leader who can show you how and then get you there? Click IT […]

  • Click IT Connect

    With complete computer services, support, and solutions for organizations of all sizes, Click IT specializes in Managed I-T Services, Backup and Data Disaster Recovery, Server Virtualization, Secure Email Hosting, MS Office 365, Spam Filtering, Hosted and Cloud Computing solutions, including App Development and Website Design services. Uniquely, we own and manage a private (Cloud) data […]

  • Click It Compliance

    Comprised of certified technicians and I-T specialist, Click IT Compliance brings organizations under scrutiny to comply with the new rules from governmental agencies to meet a level of data security compliance standards. We off solutions designed specifically for them to meet these compliance rules and best practices head-on. For example, for Title Agencies and Settlement Agents, Click IT […]

  • Click It Mobile

    The technologically progress of mobile devices has opened the opportunities for companies to reach customers through mobile advertising.  Mobile marketing is a more complex type of advertising through mobile devices including smartphones and tablet computers.  It’s evident that mobile devices are a person’s first point of contact with the internet, whether by emails, Apps, text […]

  • Click IT Wi-Fi

    Turn your free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine. Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging your customers in real-time. Click IT helps turn your customers into fans using our Social Powered Free Wi-Fi platform. AUTO-LEAD GENERATION Turn your Free Wi-Fi service […]

  • Click It Videos

    At Click IT, we specialize in bringing affordable, technological solutions to our customers, so they can enhance, market, run and support their organizations better, and more efficiently, without the worry or over-burdensome expenses. We enjoy making sure our customers are informed, or at least aware about the latest and greatest technological solutions, so they can […]

  • Click IT Manager

    Click IT has built a reputation providing high quality I-T products and best-in-class I-T services. To grow, we expanded our I-T products and offerings to include now many divisions of concentration. To find more customers who need these products and services, we decided to build a sales system that automates the sales process, to make […]

  • Click It Notes

    Note: Click It Notes is owned by a separate division, Click It Medical, Inc.   The idea behind Click It Notes stemmed from a custom software development project by Click It Labs, for creating what amounted to being essentially a new EHR by an emergency room physician. In combination with other emerging technologies, extracted from […]