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I dropped off the computers at their repair center in the Chagrin Falls Village. The guys were great and let me know upfront what to expect. They called the same day with the cost and the computers were ready to pick up the next day. I like working with local companies and would go back to them in an instant. Although I would prefer if my kids didn’t break their computers again.

Description of work:

They fixed both my kids computers. One didn’t turn on at all and the other’s disc drive didn’t work. They took a look and called with an estimate. They did the work and now my 2 sons are surfing the net again.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

Ann A.
They went out of their way to do a great job.  I was very happy with them.  They spent more time to make sure everything was good on my computer.  They ended up having to do some follow up on a separate occasion.  They did that for free.  I was still having a problem and they came back and took care of that.  I thought that they were excellent.  They got the problem fixed.

Description of work:

They did some troubleshooting on my laptop sometime in November.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List


They started off mostly doing corporate stuff. Then they opened a shop for consumers. They opened a whole new place down the street from where they had been. One of the cool things about them is that they develop their own computer security system that doesn’t address viruses by putting in lists of bad viruses and trying to screen for them. They have proprietary software that prevents anything from being installed on our computer without our permission. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of viruses need to be screened for, all of them have to be installed on or computer for them to do bad stuff. They just prevent them from installing. Before they came out with this software product, I had several instances where I had to clean out nasty viruses from the computer. I haven’t had to use it since they installed that a year ago in January, and it automatically renews after a year. They solved the problem. They were a little bit pricey. I just told my daughter I wanted her to get that same software on her computer.

Description of work:

I used ClickIT for computer repair and service. I have used them several times.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

Thomas Q.
It went fine. With regard to price, I don’t know because this is the first time I really ever had to use something like that. They monitor my system for $19.95 a month. For me, that is a pretty good value, because I’m an end user, and I’m really not too proficient at the details of the behind the scenes stuff with the computer. We have a small, part-time business from our home. My husband is a consultant. So it’s important that we have access to that. It was important that they were able to get a lot of the stuff that we needed out of the computer when the old one crashed. Maybe any consultant could have done that, but I don’t know. The only stuff that they couldn’t save was because the stuff on my crashed computer was so old that there was no way to extrapolate it to a newer thing. That wasn’t their problem. With regard to quality, I got a working computer. For something like that, there is not much middle ground. Hopefully, I won’t need to use them again other than maintenance. But I would use them if I needed to. It’s really hard to find somebody that we can relate to on a person to person basis. I have a local business and they are nearby for me. I have tried working with people online and over the phone, and it’s really very frustrating. They are personable. That’s really to me the best thing.

Description of work:

My computer had crashed. I had a non-functioning computer. So I took it in to them. They actually rebuilt me a computer and transferred as much of the stuff as they could retrieve. They helped me set it up. They now monitor me remotely for viruses and so forth. They just come in remotely and check certain things. If there is any garbage, they get it out for me.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

Carol F.

Yelp 5-StarsI have used this business’ IT services for two plus years for: computer repair, eMail hosting, document management, and, other web services. Company has always been responsive to issues and questions, met or exceeded all service standards, and, has reasonable fees with multiple add on value.

Bob C.
The service was very good. The guys  were very perfessional, polite and explained everything. I was very pleased. I had been told by another company that the computer was done. It was not that old and so I took it there for a second opinion. They diagnosed the problem and fixed it in a very timely manner. I took it there on Saturday  and it was done by Wednesday. I would definately  use them again, In fact I am probably going back to get a anti virus put on my computer so I have no more problems.

Description of work:

Figured out what was wrong with my computer and fixed it. It would not turn on and I had a big box in the middle of the screen before it went out

Sandy L.
The service was very good. The guys  were very perfessional, polite and explained everything. I was very pleased. I had been told by another company that the computer was done. It was not that old and so I took it there for a second opinion. They diagnosed the problem and fixed it in a very timely manner. I took it there on Saturday  and it was done by Wednesday. I would definately  use them again, In fact I am probably going back to get a anti virus put on my computer so I have no more problems.

Description of work:

Figured out what was wrong with my computer and fixed it. It would not turn on and I had a big box in the middle of the screen before it went out

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

Well.  All the lost data was recovered.

Description of work:

Rebuild a hard drive, and install an OS.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

Lee M.

Yelp 5-StarsBrought a computer in for a data transfer.  They were able to do it while I waited. A good group of highly skilled techs who really know their stuff. I would highly recommend Click IT to anyone.

Rob G.
Theresa Manley
Kathy Lyle

We completely rely on Click IT for backup and keeping our POS running!

Alex Gertsburg

Click IT’s payment system is awesome – SO user friendly and very quick…but really I was just impressed at what a smooth system they have!


My daughter dropped her computer the night before she was leaving for college. I brought the computer in first thing the next morning. Within the day, the hard drive was replaced and the computer operating system was restored. I’m sure I could not have gotten such quick turn-around from any other company. My daughter left for school with her computer all in tact. All in all, I was very pleased with the service and will certainly use them again.

Gary M.

A while back, I saw the company ad in the Chamber Newsletter and noted this new computer repair shop in town. So, when I needed help, I turned to Al and the folks at Click IT. It’s right in the Village with easy parking and fabulous service. The guys took the time to diagnose my problem, advise me on the fix and completed the work in short order. I thought all was lost, but they retrieved the memory and got my laptop up and running smoothly again. Then, I learned a valuable lesson about backing-up data when I picked it up. They took some extra time to inform me on how to do the back-up, and how they can help me with the process both personally and for my businesses. The service and personal attention was incredible. I’ve been telling everybody I see; if you have a computer problem, go see the boys at Click IT! You’ll be glad you did.

Michael H.

We have used services from them for several years. They have been able to “resurrect” several of our computers. Their managed anti-virus program has saved us from numerous Internet attacks. This is the best program for computer safety. These are really great guys to work with and their services are very reasonable.

Lloyd K.

Click IT did a great job fixing our computer, and they were very helpful explaining the issues. We would definitely go back to them with future computer needs. Thank you!


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Christen H.


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Ben H.

Creston is really a born teacher: VERY knowledgeable, very pleasant, well spoken, on time, completed all tasks and explained procedures to a novice with no eye rolling. Highly recommend for any and all computer work.


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Peggy M.

This repair service was very professional. For a first time customer, my experience was very pleasant. Issues were addressed and the problems appear to have been solved. Bottom line, I would try them again should one of our computers need servicing.


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Gregory P.

That is greatly appreciated. You have always provided us with great service and support and we mention it frequently to customers and colleagues.

John Weddle

I just wanted you to know that I really like the staff at Click IT. They actually communicate with me – even making eye contact! – and are very responsive and seem to care about taking care of my problems. That’s a great combination!

Kathy L.

Christopher was very knowledgeable and helpful. I had done my homework and selected a few computers that I thought would be good. He knew them and some of the service issues those brands had been having and steered me to another better one within my budget. He set everything up and even upgraded me to Windows 10.  Later, I searched for that exact computer and found that the price he got for me was the very best. I felt very safe trusting him with this sensitive data.

Description of work:

My old computer died and I needed help recovering my data, selecting a new computer, and getting set up.


Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

M Heydorn

Thanks for getting us back up and operational so quickly !!
We can’t take care of our customers if we can’t access the information locked in our computers.

Fast & Professional, WE APPRECIATE THAT !!

Bob Ritchie

My pc had a bug in it and wasn’t allowing me to access any of my normal websites. Being a small business owner that works from home, my computer is extremely important to my business day. I brought it to them in Chagrin Falls and was called 2 hours later that it was all set! So professional and great customer service.

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Tracy R.

Found Click IT by chance driving by offices on Main St, Chagrin Falls. Christopher understood quickly what I needed done; Set up new MacBook and scanner/printer, diagnosed Desktop Mac (old) and transferred all data to new MacBook and also.. updated & installed needed software. Thanks to Click IT, I was up and running smoothly without a single glitch! Thank you to an excellent company.

Kristin P. Demetriou

One little click caused my computer to be hacked. A quick trip to Click IT solved all of my problems. The team at Click IT explained my problem to me, solved it, and installed a program to prevent future mishaps. Both Click IT employees who worked with me were very professional and took time to insure that I understood exactly what had happened to my computer. As a result, my sky-high level of anxiety plummeted to zero. Click IT has my has earned my highest recommendation and level of trust.

Terrrence Rounds

My experience with Click it computer service business was a very good one. I have used their services in the past and was pleased as well. In the most recent case, I purchased a new laptop from them which in the short time I have had it, I’m quite happy. The staff are very knowledgeable and really trouble shoot extremely well.

Sherry Ulrich

Computer repair that was exceptionally well done. I am very pleased!

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List

F Freer

I wanted to take a moment of your time to express my pleasure in the products and service I received from Christopher and Trayvon in the purchase of my new Lenovo laptop and HP printer. As always, my experiences with Click-IT have been and continue to be beyond my expectations. Please pass my thanks on to both of these gentlemen for a job well done. Keep up the GREAT work.

B Waller

Many Thanks – always great service.

Peggy Martines

I have used Click IT twice over the years for hardware issues, once was last week. My son’s 4 in 1 had a broken hinge and I took it into Click. First, they were completely honest with me and didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. I work in IT, but they had no way of knowing that so that wasn’t why they were honest. They gave me an estimated price, which I agreed to and would have been more than happy to pay, and then called me after I got home and told me that they found the needed part much cheaper than they thought and the overall price for repair would be much cheaper than I had agreed to. They didn’t have to be honest, but they were and saved me a lot of money. They fixed everything correctly, and even cleaned the computer (it is used by a 5-year-old, so as you can imagine it was a bit sticky). I am lucky to have such a great resource a 5-minute walk from my house. I get asked all the time where people should go for their personal tech support, and I unequivocally recommend Click.

Alex Hamerstone

Yelp 5-StarsThese guys are awesome. Quick response, knowledgeable, and willing to help. My wife’s PC locked up with scam email and panicked. Over the phone we walked through how to respond. Solved the issue. Another time we had to get a ton of data moved between PC and laptop, then hated laptop and had to go back. They handled it all. No problem. Highly recommend.

Kevin M.

I came onboard with ClickIT with a bit of a chip on my shoulder – coming from a hosting center that charged me 3x the normal rate, but also had security issues which caused my SSL certificate to be invalid, resulting is about 6 months of downtime -which can be fatal for a small business.

Al and his team were not only quick and efficient, they were exceedingly patient and helped me with items such as staging and c-panel- all of which I had no support on with my prior provider.

I would highly recommend them -especially for small businesses that are in the scale-up stage. Dependability and Integrity are often claimed, but rarely shown. ClickIT has both. 🙂

Sandra Bontempo

Al was a great host. I took away a lot of new marketing skills that I didn’t have before. Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us. I plan on implementing these new marketing tools to help my company drum up some new clients and candidates through advertising, linking strategies, and utilizing our referral bonus program more effectively. Thanks for empowering us by sharing your expertise!

Kevin Drye

Al created a professional intuitive web site designed to capture potential clients faster, and gave us a more modern and effective marketing strategy.

John Mazur

Al Harlow was very good at listening to what I was looking for and helping me get started with a WordPress webpage. He had a lot of good hints and tricks to use that really helped me jump way ahead for setting up my webpage.

He also helped me understand how to get my domain hosted and associate it with a WordPress webpage. He covered the “backstage” of the webpage which will help me manage and update my webpage whenever necessary.

Very worthwhile.

Now I have to start writing a lot of content material…

Debi Piccus

I want to thank you for your professional and prompt service which was provided today at our home. This is not the first time Click IT has provided service for our computers and it is so good so see that the service and technicians both remain excellent. Keep up the GREAT job. We wouldn’t think of calling anyone else for our IT needs.

Bruce J. Waller

Thank you so much for your help! I am grateful for the amazing website you created!

Robbie Grodin

“I worked with Al H. at ClickIT to build our website and beyond! Al is client-centric and focuses on the success of his clients. Al’s entrepreneurial bent adds a valuable focus to their services.”


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Dec 07, 2017
Phil W. Eide

Click IT helped me recover data on crashed hard drive and got me up and running again with new hard drive. Team was very responsive and provided high quality and timely service.


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Data Recovery Service – January 24, 2018

Dan B.

Just wanted to let you know that Chris is awesome.
He’s helping me fix an issue with someone spoofing my email.
Chris was kind enough to work with me even over the weekend!
Talk about customer satisfaction!
I’m truly appreciative of his help.

Mike Lange

Just a quick note to you to let you know how wonderful it was to work with Matt (Matthew?) today. He helped solve my problem and got me back up running again.


The customer wrote us an email: “Thanks soooo much for getting the SSD installed on my iMac. (AND IN 24 HOURS!!)


Laser Fast and has eliminated all of my frustration over the last 6 months.
The most frustrating was the computer (keyboard) could not type as fast as I can type.
So I would type a sentence and many times have to wait for it to catch up … sigh.
But now … NO PROBLEM.

I certainly will be a reference for ClickIT at any time! I do promote you always when in a “computer” conversation. You are a wonderful resource and we appreciate the service so very much. Don’t know what we would do without ClickIT (I said that in my online review for you)”

Lynn Vail

“Click IT’s steps were very clear, understandable, and thorough. The most outstanding value we have seen with Click IT is their “coach” mentality and approach for franchisees. They have been an invaluable resource for new ideas, creating job descriptions, marketing materials, or finding out what has worked in the past. The Click IT franchise experience gives us a lot of autonomy to innovate and explore what works best for our market and business style – all under the reputable Click IT umbrella that is there to support you the entire way.”