Investing in Our Franchise Division

The Click IT Franchise division is currently raising capital under a board-approved plan to grow to a minimum of 60 franchises within 3 years. To learn more about the Click IT Franchise investment opportunity, you can register as an "investor". Details about this investment opportunity are only available to registered Click IT Group "Investor" members and is by invitation only. Contact us if you have any questions or want to change your type of membership.

For access to our publically published investment information, please visit the Angel Investment Network.

NEW: Click IT was also approved to raise money using MainVest, a FINRA-regulated portal that allows anyone, no matter what their economic status is, to invest. You can invest as little as $100. We also have some very exciting perks offered to investors and added incentives for early investors.

Buying a Franchise as an Investment

If you want to consider purchasing a Click IT Franchise as an investment, go to

This video is an excerpt of Stacy Swift of FranNet talking about purchasing a franchise as an investment. Stacy mentions how the government allows people to use their retirement money to invest in a franchise without penalty.

To see this video interview in its entirety, click here.

Funding is one of the most important components in buying a franchise.

One of our major hurdles facing us as a franchisor is finding our ideal candidates who have or can qualify for, enough money necessary to open a Click IT Store. We have learned through our initial market test that most who have expressed interest who we would invite to be owners are typically young, inexperienced, and undercapitalized.

To combat this problem, we set up a partnership with Benetrends (which has been funding America’s entrepreneurs for over 35 years) to help candidates with their application for an SBA-assisted loan. But most of those we have selected as our ideal candidates during this test phase are not getting past the credit rating requirements needed to qualify for a traditional bank loan.

Therefore, we consider our own use of MainVest as a test. If our use of this platform successfully raises capital for us, then it most certainly can raise capital for our franchise candidates as well. Using MainVest may be easier than following the traditional bank-lending route we have been advising up to now, which is thwarted with hurdles to overcome where most just give up.

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Please Note: While we welcome all inquiries from those interested in our investment opportunity, we are now limiting access to those we invite to participate. Therefore, we will not approve applicants we do not know personally. You must provide personal information at the time of registration. Your information is secure. You can always contact us with any questions or concerns.