Advisory Board to the Board of Directors

To prepare for an expected round of outside funding upon Click IT’s completion of the NewChip Accelerator Cohort scheduled to begin mid-May 2021, Click It is forming an Advisory Board to its Board of Directors.

If you would like to be considered for this role, please read the information below and complete our form.

The Role of the Advisory Board to the Director

The Click IT Group desires that our Advisory Board to the Board of Directors will be a collection of individuals who will assist in the development of the Board of Directors utilizing their experience and background.

The Advisory Board will have responsibilities advising the Board of Directors in the following areas:

  • Recruiting, supervising, retaining, and evaluating the compensation of the board of directors, and, the corporate officers. Click IT is a young organization that needs to recruit a growing staff. Its board needs guidance in searching for the best possible candidates for positions.
  • Guidance from advisory board members in selecting and compensation issues will provide a good financial payoff in terms of attracting top candidates.
  • Provide supplemental direction for the organization by utilizing their experience in providing vision, mission, and goals of similar organizations.
  • We expect to have this board meeting three to four times a year, as often as necessary during the start-up years of Click IT. Between these meetings, this board will be kept informed through phone conferences, email, texting, or postal mail.

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